Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

You might think of selling your house if you are bored seeing the same wall, room, and house. Indeed, selling your existing house and shifting to a new house will give you a new start. But no one can deny that our existing house is full of unforgettable memories and emotions that it is impossible to leave.

If you do not wish to leave your home with memories and emotions and want to do something new in your house, you must consider renovating your existing home.

Now, you might think that the renovation of a home needs a lot of funds and that you cannot handle your renovation expansion. So sit back, and give time to our article. This article will give you the top 10 renovation ideas that will not cost you more than a regular renovation. You can improve your home renovation skills by learning it professionally. To do this, you need professional resume writing services from the experts. 

Top 10 home renovation ideas

Most homeowners always skip the idea of home renovation because the whole process is relatively expensive. If you are also among those, you must read the following home renovation ideas because these ideas will let you renovate your home under your budget:

  1.  Make a list of top renovation priorities

Some homeowners instead make a common mistake: forgetting their top renovation priority. During the renovation process, people see several home areas that need to be renovated. Then they focus on less-needed renovation areas and forget their priorities. This mistake, fortunately, results in expensive renovation costs.

Suppose you are renovating your bedroom for extra space or any other reason.  But after starting the renovation, you focus on your bathroom renovation and forget about room renovation. It is recommended to list your renovation goals to avoid these errors.

  1.  Make a plan for buying stuff.

Purchasing things that are not required for the home renovation is another big mistake a homeowner makes. It can get homeowners off the budget and impact the overall renovation tasks. It is recommended to make a list of items needed for renovation. Creating the list is not all you must do. You must also stick with the list. Creating and sticking with a list will help you to be under the budget while purchasing stuff for the renovation. Remember, it is very tempting to buy more stuff than the requirement. So it is the best practice for you to keep a buffer for unforeseen expenses.

  1.  Plan for extra

Everyone can know that emergencies can happen in every field. You guessed it right! Emergencies can also happen in the home renovation process. It is advisable to consult a contractor to estimate your home renovation. After getting an estimate, you must also look at your finances to know whether you have enough cash for renovation. After ensuring you have enough cash for renovation, you must also try to gather extra cash for emergencies.

  1.  Ditch your front door.

You must start the renovation work on the exterior of your house. You might be planning to invest in a new front door. But remember, purchasing a new door is relatively more expensive than adding a new coat of paint onto a front door. You must invest in painting your existing door, instead of purchasing a new door. A fresh or new coat of paint can change your existing door into a new door. Moreover, it will also add a new look to the exterior of your house. 

  1.  Create a mini mudroom.

If you want to give a fresh look at the entry of your house, you must think about creating a mini mudroom. A mini mudroom can add a new life at the entry of your home and is suitable to fit in even a tiny space.

If you have enough funds to purchase a mini mudroom, you can buy a new mudroom from the organiser designed for these purposes. You can also create a mini mudroom with a combination of reused and new items.

  1.  Paint your stair

Painting the stairs that most people use to go from one floor to another is another impressive way to give a new look to your home. You must pick a theme and attention-grabbing colour to make your stair a show stopper.

After painting your stair, it is recommended to paint them with polyurethane to protect your stair colour. Remember, you must use polyurethane once the paint gets dried.

  1.  Upgrade your cabinet

Now let us move toward the kitchen. Almost every kitchen is equipped with a cabinet, and if you want a new look, upgrading your kitchen cabinet is the best option to give your kitchen a new look. If you do not have enough budget to purchase a new cabinet, you can give your existing kitchen cabinet a new look with simple tips and tricks. Paint, wallpaper, and peel-and-stick wood treats to your cabinet can add a new look to your old cabinet. You can also create more accessible open storage by removing the door of some of the upper cabinets.

  1.  Update the flooring of the living room.

After the kitchen, you must move toward your living room. You must consider upgrading your living room’s floor to give it a fresh look. If you want cheaper and the best flooring, you must focus on the peel-and-stick flooring option. Many peel-and-stick flooring options are sufficiently thin to replace without removing the old one.

  1.  Add interest 

If you are fed up with seeing your dull bedroom wall and ceiling, you can add wainscotting to your dull wall and ceiling. To give the impression of wainscoting, you can use trim or lumber to outline a section of the wall and then paint the wall and trim together. It will give a high appearance without spending a high cost.

  1. Update the lighting

Minor lighting changes can completely transform your home’s overall look. It is advisable to use LED lights that can change colour. These lights can change into numerous colours, including sunlight, pink, white light, and more. They are the ideal option to upgrade your house with less budget.


Most people are afraid of home renovation because they think they are expensive. But you can perform a home renovation under your budget with careful planning. We hope this article will help you with your home renovation on a low budget.