Bringing Home an Oldie but Goodie

November Is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Advantages of Bringing Home an Oldie but Goodie – from our friends at LA Animal Services

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month and LA Animal Services wants you to know why adopting a mature orphaned cat or dog is a great way to add love to your life.

Many people automatically think of a puppy or kitten when they contemplate adopting a pet. Kittens and puppies are cute and cuddly but they demand a lot of time, patience and energy to help them become well-mannered family members. Older pets, however, can be just as loving and loyal as their younger counterparts and they often come with many wonderful qualities that kittens and puppies take years to grow into.

If you are considering adopting a furry friend and you are away from home most of the day, you have limited free time, you want a calm pet or you have young children, then an oldie but goodie could be your perfect match. Here are some great advantages to adopting a grown-up four-legged companion:

What you see is what you get. You already know what they are going to look like and what size they will be, what their grooming requirements will be and what their personalities will be like sooner. This kind of information will help you pick the right pet for you and your family.

Older pets have manners. Unlike kittens and puppies, many grown-up animals have spent years living with a family and being socialized to life with humans. Many dogs are house trained and it takes a matter of hours or a day or two to help them learn the potty rules in their new home.

Your shoes will be safe. Older adoptive pets are usually less destructive and well past the search-and-destroy phase.

You can teach an old dog (and cat) new tricks. Adult dogs and cats can focus on the task at hand, are more attentive and are more eager to please their humans (unlike many of their much younger counterparts). This makes them the perfect candidates for learning basic commands.

Older pets are relaxing and easier to handle. Senior dogs and cats aren’t full of lots energy to burn. If you have small children in the home, a mature pet makes a lot of sense. Select an adult dog who likes kids and the transition will be much easier than adding another “baby” to the family. Adult cats can jump up on a bookcase or table when kids are being kids and observe the action from above.

Adopted senior pets are grateful for your kindness. Somehow, older dogs and cats seem to know you gave them a home and a second chance at love.

If you are ready to open your heart and home to a lovable senior pet, come by any of our six LA City Animal Shelters. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. To find the shelter closest to you, visit or call (888) 452-7381.

Los Angeles Department of Animal Services is one of the largest municipal shelter systems in the United States with six shelters serving approximately 60,000 animals annually and responding to 20,000 emergency calls involving an animal or person in danger. LA Animal Services promotes and protects the health, safety and welfare of animals and people.

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  1. Pit bulls make the best pets because they love you unconditionally and are extremely loyal. The only bad pit bull is the ones that have bad owners/parents. I have owned and fostered pit bulls for 25 years and they never been vicious to anyone until a burglar try to break into my house. My pit bull was ready to give his life in order to protect mine. The burglar got cold feet and ran away.