Brandon Scott’s Magic Cabaret The URAKATAS OF URA- Laguna Beach

Brandon Scott the Magic Cabaret

Brandon Scott the Magic Cabaret

If you are looking for something special to do while visiting the Sawdust Art Festival and Festival of Arts – Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach , don’t miss Brandon Scott’s Magic Cabaret “The URAKATAS OF URA!” at the Gallimaufry Family Festival presented at The Artists’ Theatre.

Thomas Dean Kellogg, founder and artistic director of theatre fofo is collaborating once again with Brandon Scott to create a unique piece of theatre based on storytelling and magic. The two began working together in the mid 90’s, and found a kindred spirit in each other, with respect to the desire to bring magic into a more organic relationship to dramatic storyline.

“I think magic is an art form, like music and dance. It is a language as well, with a very specific vocabulary.” Brandon and I have enjoyed the challenge of using that vocabulary to build story. You won’t see anything like this being done elsewhere. At least not to my knowledge.” says Kellogg.

Kellogg has staged many productions, especially with his award winning company fofo, which use non traditional theatrical technique and multi disciplinary artists to convey a dramatic story, ideas, and themes. Kellogg was invited by the Lincoln Center Directors Lab West to present a talk and a workshop on his innovative style. 
” Magic its such an amazing language. If done well, it its universal. Young to old, we all want to be in touch with a world beyond the mundane reality. Harry Potter creates that opportunity. What is so special about live magic though, is it happens right there in front of you. No computer generated imagery. Brandon is also a wonderful storyteller as well as a world class magician.”

Brandon Scott is a favorite featured magician-entertainer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. His versatile range and charismatic personality has amazed millions of people world wide. With a strong background in classical and musical theater; Brandon’s signature style of performance brings the art of magic to a whole new level. Interweaving storytelling, magic, dance, music and comedy, Brandon delights audiences of all ages alike. Specializing in customizing productions for trade shows and special events, Brandon Scott’s character, Urakata, is a testament to his ability to develop unique characters and dynamic performances. “Creating this type story based show is perfect for all size theaters and theatre festivals, commented Brandon, “Weather you are a child or an adult your will be transported to an unbelievably wondrous world of fantasy and illusion.”

To the great delight of the creators, Zilah Mendoza has joined the cast. Zilah is an Obie award winning, nationally acclaimed stage actress, who has also established herself in film and television.

” Zilah brings a wonderful dimension to the piece with her sharp improvisational skills, comic timing, and soulful qualities.”

Guest Artist Norton Wisdom is a magnificent Performance Artists who spontaneously paints images on stage, right before your eyes, capturing the essence of the moment.

This will be the world premiere of this production, hosted by Gaullimaufry Productions as part of their Family Festival.

Brandon Scott”s Magic Cabaret- The Urakatas of Ura- All Ages Welcome.

Directed by Thomas Dean Kellogg

Written by Brandon Scott and Thomas Dean Kellogg

Guest Artists: Zilah Mendoza – Norton Wisdom


Gallimaufry Family Festival @ The Artists’ Theatre

625 Park Ave. Laguna Beach, CA 92651

July 22-23 – 8PM- Reservations- (949) 499-5060 or

Purchase tickets Online

(E-mail Inquiries- put:  Magic Cabaret in subject line)



  1. Have you seen Harry Potter? I feel like a grown up Harry Potter.
    Come to the Magic Cabaret where you will discover for yourself how to do Magic,and meet the Harry Potter inside of you. If you have a chance this weekend escape to Laguna Beach Canyon. There are art galleries everywhere. If you get to go to the Sawdust Festival check out the music. The Laguna Beach Arts Festival is over 100 years old. I am excited to be there with my show. Ill be at the festival all day and then, come join me at 8pm to Celebrate!. The show is awesominlgy magical!