Blaqhaus Review – NoHo

I visited a local hang out, Blaqhaus, which as it turns out, is just around the corner from my own haus…

Blaqhaus is a very pleasing blend of southern style American cuisine in a modern, slightly polished, very laid back R & B/HipHop eatery with a large patio and huge sliding doors that open up the dining room to the balmy North Hollywood evening air.

Arriving as the kitchen opened I decided to go for it and open with a cocktail, of which they have an ample selection.  Mine was the Summer Ours, a lovely tequila-based drink with some triple sec, fresh strawberries, lemon and muddled basil…gorgeous!

thumbnail Screen Shot 2019 10 17 at 6.08.21 PM

Then the blaqberry & pecan salad.  Mixed berries macerated and strewn about the musky arugula with plenty of good feta, sweet petit tomatoes and a very generous amount of excellent pecans.  The dressing is nicely tart and the portions large – a really excellent choice and enough for a meal in and of itself!

thumbnail Screen Shot 2019 10 17 at 6.09.11 PM

I chose for my main dish the Nipsy Blue Burger with fries, in his honor, naturally.

This is such a delicious sandwich.  The burger is crumbly and delicious, no grease, no mess, all lightly seasoned, good quality meat.  Just the right amount of blue cheese, a little jalapeno and some bacon jam…yum.  The bun was a great surprise too, warm, fresh, a little crusty on the outside, light and tasty on the inside, just enough to hold the whole sandwich together, not too much to overwhelm…very successful!

The fries where also really good.  Crunchy, soft and tasty, great seasoning. I love lots of pepper and this was perfect for me. 

thumbnail IMG 7289

I also got a side order of Mac N Cheese Bites w/ House made Sunflower Pesto Sauce…because of course, I did.  This is a delicious little number.  The baked mac and cheese is creamy and lightly cheesy and the outside crunches to perfection with a little heat. They really know how to make food crunch here, which is not as easy as its sounds.  The sauce that comes with this appetizer is a creamy sunflower pesto. Salty, nutty, creamy, tangy, with some shaved gouda on top…loved it!

So overall a great meal!  The service was warm and friendly, the music not too loud, the customers young and older. They all seemed pleased with their food and relaxed.…always a good sign!

This is a great Northern NoHo space. Serving those of us that live above Oxnard, in the rapidly developing adjacent to the forthcoming NoHo West neighborhood. 

Blaqhaus is comfortable and polished, casual yet still date night material.  The food is really excellent, interesting and I gather they are expanding the menu in the new year to include a lot more southern-inspired food. So I definitely will be back!!!


11671 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, 91606