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Best Recommended Essay Writing Types

The essay is a small piece of writing, foxing on a specific topic.

Here writer proves his point of view with examples, personal experience, or mentioning sayings of sages of different ages. There is a specific discipline in essay writing. First of all, it is necessary to know how many types of essays are written. Every type has its requirements to write. The following are the steps to adopt while writing an essay. This is just to keep the attention of a reader on the topic. Supporting shreds of evidence and examples are to follow it. Ask online active writers to write my essay and find the well written and unique formatting style of academic levels essays with 100% plagiarism free stuff. There should be clarity and lucidity in the message, enabling the reader to have a transparent picture of what the writer intends.

You need some time free of any involvement and to think, resulting in the exact topic you want to write. While you thinking, write down every point, emerging in your mind. It enables you to catch the attention of the reader on the topic. There should be clarity in ideas. Do not write ambiguous information or the information not cleared to you. It is up to you, how you dive into the mind of a reader and make it motivated as you require. This is the best quality in essay writing. Write words on written on write place, expressing write ideas makes a writing good thesis statement.

Type of Essay

There are following main categories of the unique formatting styles and well patterns of the deliver the right confidence levels of professional and academic level essays writing projects that can be grouped into following types:

  • Narrative Essay: This is just a story type essay, where information is imparted like a story.
  • Persuasive Essay: In this type, the reader is convinced about some point of view.
  • Expository Essay: This is a procedural type of essay. Here the procedure is expressed step by step to create or make a thing. For example, how a sandwich is made.
  • Descriptive Essay: Here writer depicts what he saw or observed during his visit, journey, or tour to any specific place.
  • Compare and Contrast Essay: In this type, two shades of opinion are discussed. One in favor and others against the thesis. The writer has the art to motivate the reader from his point of view.
  • Argumentative Essay: Here controversial issues are presented in evidence in favor of your position.
  • Problem Solution Essay: Solution of a problem is sought by giving arguments.


Lisa Bianconi

Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Lisa Bianconi
Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com