Band: Atlantis Album: Atlantis Rating: 10/10

Leicestershire lads Atlantis, release their EP ‘Atlantis’ and they truly are in a league of their own. They mix hardcore, passion and in your face music to create eight neatly compact songs of pure music adrenaline. Singer Jones is one the most talented vocalists I’ve heard in a long time with his versatile ability to switch from gritty screams to powerful vocals instantly.

The music is hard hitting which creates something just as potent as the vocals. It has a good drive and the fast paced beat fits it perfectly; and at times it can be rather sombre, showing the bands many sides. One thing that should be mentioned about this band is the musicianship they show  Each instrument compliments each other and are  played extremely well. The main positive of this EP is the overall sound and feeling it gives off. There was no real time where you felt like it was dragging on and when it is finished it leaves you wanting more.

On the production side of things the EP is second to none; it flows perfectly from its slow and soothing start to its finish, each song seems to be placed in perfect order. It has good lyrical content which is a major plus for the band. Often, with this kind of music the band is let down by poor lyrics, but these guys have shown their strength on all fronts. ‘This Kingdom’ was the track that stood out to me the most, the mix of distinctive screams and strong singing blended very well together. What I like most about Atlantis, is the energy they give off in their music; they have a slight While She Sleeps vibe about them.

This is not an EP to be missed; it is the perfect compliment for the music collections of fans of the heavier genres.


Author: nohoarts