Anni Pohto “Closure” Single Release

Anni Pohto “Closure” Single Release via

Finland is a mystical, beautiful place.  So it goes almost without saying that it should produce music as profound as its magical landscape and people. This track, from the Finland based, Berklee School of Music alumni, Anni Pohto, is a gorgeous blend of dreamy, organic sounds, poignant lyrics and soulful vocals.

Kate Bush with an accent. Anni Pohto has a style of her own though. Playful and haunting, moving and honest.  “Closure” feels totally authentic, touching on our deepest needs. To let go, to understand, to move on in our own unique ways.

I love this track. There’s an urgency from the very beginning, a pulsing vibrating unfolding.  She uses her incredible voice effortlessly, subtly, with a Nordic sense of ice and fire.  The song ignites slowly and purposefully reminding us of how we long for and remain haunted by our former loves, our former lives, our former selves.

Anni Pohto “Closure” Single Release via

Maybe this is exactly what we need right now. We all need closure from the past, whatever past that might be, failed loves, failed lives, failed years. I am really looking forward to more from this goddess.

Bravo Anni Pohto…or should I say brävō.

Musician Names/Instruments: Anni Pohto piano, Maija Kauhanen kantele (that’s the national instrument of Finland, works great when creating guitar walls!), Andre Vasconcelos guitar, Jude Kim bass

Producer Name(s): Anni Pohto & Henry Kaprali






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Anni Pohto “Closure” Single Release via