Coffee Shop Offers Visitors The Companionship of Adoptable Rescue Dogs

Now this is a business I would love to see in the NoHo Arts District.

In 2015, 14083 animals were killed at Los Angeles City Animal Shelters. There are many reasons for these senseless murders….#1 … irresponsible pet owners that do not spade their animals, or dump pets at overcrowded shelters when their pet is sick or they tire of taking care of their pet. So what is the answer? NO KILL shelters in Los Angeles is the answer. For 10 years the City has talked about NO KILL shelters but still the killing of innocent animals continues. The below Dog Cafe is how one person can make a difference. Please be sure to visit The Dog Cafe… Thanks for listening, Nancy Bianconi, publisher

The Dog Cafe, the first of its kind in the United States, will hold its grand opening on April 7, 2016 at 240 N. Virgil Ave in Los Angeles. Located in the south Silver Lake neighborhood of Rampart Village, The Dog Cafe provides a space for visitors to intermingle with rescue dogs from local shelters who are available for adoption. Specialty coffee and tea drinks will be served out of the adjacent space next door, available for customers to take in to the dog lounge.

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The Dog Cafe’s mission is to revolutionize dog adoption by reinventing the way people connect with rescues who need homes. The Dog Cafe offers a comfortable and fun space for humans and dogs to meet and spend time with each other, away from the environment of overcrowded shelters, which can provoke fear and aggression in perfectly adoptable pups. In addition to helping worthy pups find homes, The Dog Cafe also offers the opportunity for people unable to have pets of their own to spend quality time with furry friends (and vice versa) without the commitment of adoption.

Inspired by the animal cafes in Asia, The Dog Cafe is breaking ground with its unique mission to serve as a new kind of a rescue for abandoned and stray dogs.

“After I moved to Korea from the United States as a child, I started frequenting the dog cafes there,” said Sarah Wolfgang, The Dog Cafe’s founder and owner. “As a dog lover, it was amazing to have the opportunity to go see and spend time with pups any time. Yet the sad fact is that those dogs are brought in from puppy mills for the sole purpose of spending their entire lives inside of a cafe, while millions of other animals are out on the streets or abandoned at shelters. The first Dog Cafe in America will serve as a venue for humans to indulge in their love of dogs, while at the same time, bettering and saving the lives of many of our nation’s canine residents.”

Wolfgang works closely with South Los Angeles Animal Shelter, in addition to other local shelters, to rescue dogs who would best benefit from socialization at The Dog Cafe. While all dogs are evaluated to ensure friendliness with both people and other dogs, The Dog Cafe focuses specifically on bringing in rescues who have been overlooked or viewed as not traditionally adoptable due to age, special needs or behavioral issues that require training. The company plans to expand by opening additional locations of The Dog Cafe in major cities across the U.S.

“We consider The Dog Cafe a halfway house for dogs; these pups may have been in bad situations where they were abused or neglected, then started to give up hope while sitting in shelter kennels, but we’re aiming to send each dog on the path to a new life in a forever home. When visitors see our dogs here with us, they see them in their true light – and some people will even find that they’re looking at future members of their families,” said Wolfgang.

Leading up to its grand opening, The Dog Cafe has been holding a soft opening of its dog lounge area for visitors to try out the concept. With its grand opening, The Dog Cafe will unveil its adjoining coffee shop, which in addition to other specialty drinks, will serve Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. and Dogs Drink Coffee, both of whom donate a portion of their proceeds to animals in need. Menu items will include pour-over coffee, teas, lattes (including a signature “mocha” latte made with carob instead of chocolate), and lemonades flavored with rose, lavender and butterfly pea flower. Also revealed will be a retail space, including dog merchandise from The Dog Cafe’s partner brand, The Dog Company, as well as a curated selection of other products for dog owners and dog lovers. The Dog Cafe is dedicated to ensuring that all products sold give back to animal rescue.

The Dog Cafe’s regular business hours will be Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-7pm, beginning the day after its grand opening. Admission per person per hour is $10 and includes a complimentary coffee, tea or lemonade (or discount off of a specialty beverage). Advance reservations are recommended and can be booked on The Dog Cafe’s website at:!make-reservation/t91sh. The dog lounge portion will continue its soft opening, allowing walk-ins only, until April 7th. For their own safety, children under the age of 5 are not admitted; each minor between the age of 5 and 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 1-hour parking is available in the adjoining parking lot. The space is also available to rent for private events.

About The Founder/Owner

Born in Pennsylvania to a Korean mother and an American father, Sarah Wolfgang spent 16 years of her adolescence and young adulthood in South Korea before moving back to the U.S. and settling in Los Angeles. During her time in South Korea, Wolfgang volunteered at privately run animal shelters, focusing on working with special needs dogs, rescuing animals from meat markets, and relocating dogs to the United States through the program Project: RASN. She is currently proud owner to a senior Shih Tzu, Fiona, and Shepherd-Husky mix, Sharkie (who is The Dog Cafe’s mascot and appears on the company logo).

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