Album: Mylo Xyloto Artist: Coldplay Rating:4 out of 10

Having been around for more than a decade Coldplay have become one of the most successful bands on the planet, in that time they have released four astonishing albums that have set the bench mark for British alternative rock.

With the release of their fifth album ‘Mylo Xyloto’, the boys had a lot to live up to in order to match their sucsess from their previous CD’s.

On the technical side of things the album is everything you would expect from the band and is a comforting listen to the ears; a vast rage of instruments always adds some flavour to a song. One thing that did stand out for me was the albums composure, the entire feel of the album seems to be one big dream.

The new record still has that same classic Colplay sound, but it seems to lack that special something that has made the band so different to others. In certain parts of the album it feels very dry and forced and even a little fake in some tracks such as ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’. Compared to some of their previous work it is a huge disappointment.

However songs such as ‘Paradise’ and ‘Charlie Brown’ stand as a reminder that the band still have some creative juices left in them. Despite this it isn’t enough to make up for the general lack of drive on the record.

On the whole it is an average album at best, which is a big let down from what was at one time one of the most individual bands out. It is worth a listen if you are a Coldplay fan, but I wouldn’t recommend going out your way to hear it.