Actors Workout Theatre Presents “Scene From a Bench”

Actors Workout Theatre Presents “Scene From a Bench.” Executive Produced by Fran Montano.  Produced by Stacy Ann Raposa.  Written and directed by members of the Actors Workout Studio.

Running May 31 through June 15, Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 7pm.

“Scene from a Bench” is becoming a bit of a tradition of mine.  Each year the very talented writers, directors and actors at The Actors Workout Studio develop pieces together to be showcased.  All the stories are centered around a park bench.  They dip into various moments in our lives, sometimes deeply, sometimes coyly, but always with total authenticity, great humor and heartfelt candor.

This year we were treated to such varied subjects as a man who brings his support group to his date, another reliving his former sporting glories, sisters who can’t connect at all, and a man convinced that there are no coincidences in love.

All the shorts are very, very well written, full of interesting characters with fascinating stories, all told brilliantly by the wonderful actors of AWT.  As usual I will press you all into supporting emerging artists working hard at their craft, but believe me when I tell you that this is not amateur hour…definitely not.  These writers and directors and supremely talented actors are absolutely excellent and they deserve our support, our laughter and our dollars…

This showcase is not up for long, so support your local theaters and our furiously talented NoHo artists that populate them. It’s only on till June 15, so don’t dawdle!!  Loved it!!!!

The Actors Workout Studio, 4735 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 91602

Directed by: Danon Dastugue, Karla Davis, Conrad Dunn, Ian McClure & Steven Reveles

Written by: Roger Gutierrez, April Littlejohn, Stephen Olson, Paul Surace, Bobby Williams and Daniel Weisman

Showcasing the talents of: George Ayvazian, Stirling Bradley, Roger Gutierrez, Joey Jupiter-Levin, Rosanne Limeres, Byron Luke, John Maraffi, Stephanie Mayer, Carlene Olson, Rachel Parker, TuQuyen Pham, Jylian Sy, Ivory Tiffin