“A Twisted Christmas Carol”

“A Twisted Christmas Carol” – A Wonderful Addition to Your Holiday Season

“A Twisted Christmas Carol”

Written by Phil Olson

Directed by Doug Engalla

Here we are in a small Texas town, and it’s Christmas Eve.  Buford Johnson has an argument with his wife Darla and storms out of his restaurant.  And, here we are Upstairs at the Group Rep with the world premiere “A Twisted Christmas Carol,” written by Phil Olson of the hilariously funny “Don’t Hug Me” plays.

L R VeronicaRoy ChristianLand photoDougEngalla 1

Darla is decorating the tree.  Buford is drinking beer and complaining about Christmas…and the lack of business.  In the throes of the argument, Buford (Van Boudreaux) bolts out of the restaurant and gets into his pickup only to run into a “twister” causing his car to overturn putting him into a coma.  This coma/dream is where we see Buford’s past, present and future in all its glory, and where he is visited by the ghost of his ex-business partner, Hank Walker (Paul Cady).  You see, Hank stole his recipe for BBQ sauce and hasn’t given Buford his due, monetarily or otherwise, and Buford has never recovered.  During their years of marriage, Buford has become totally indifferent to Darla.  He told her he “loved her when he married her…if anything changes, he will let her know.”  With Buford in a coma, Darla (Lisa McGee Mann) is distraught.  She is, and has always been, totally in love with Buford.  Bubba Pickford (Christian Land), gas station owner and Daisy Newsom (Veronica Roy) who wants to be a sous chef in Amarillo are there to support Darla.  But Bubba is too busy professing his love for Daisy who is not accepting his advances.  What transpires in these dream sequences is hilarious!  Get ready for Tiny Tim as you have never seen him.  You will fall on the floor laughing.

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Phil Olson’s scripts are ALWAYS funny, and this one is no exception.  They give us a look into small town America, and genuine kindness at the root of intention.  Great directing by Doug Engalla, as always.  Chris Winfield, again as always, gives us great set design.  Great performances from all the cast, with newcomer to the Group Rep Christian Land adding spark and gumption to Bubba’s character.  Lights, sound, costumes and stage managing are wonderful.

During the holiday season, the Group Rep annually gives back to the community with its annual Kids Holiday Party.  Isn’t this a wonderful way to end each year?  Yes, it truly is. “A Twisted Christmas Carol” is a wonderful addition to your holiday season, and a wonderful gift to give to your friends and family.  Enjoy your holidays/Christmas/New Year.  Onward to a healthy, happy, and PEACEFUL new year.  See you in 2020!!!

Enjoy !!!!!!

Cast:  Van Boudreaux, Paul Cady, Christian Land, Lisa McGee Mann and Veronica Roy.  Alternates:  Bita Arefnia, Fox Carney, and Jake Scozzaro.                                

Director:  Doug Engalla

Producers for the Group Rep:  Alyson York

Set Design:  Chris Winfield

Costume Design: Stephanie Colet

Light Design:  Kenny Harder

Sound:  Steve Shaw

Stage Manager:  Joseph Marcelo

Marketing/Social Media:  Kristin Stancato

Public Relations:  Nora Feldman

Photography/Videography:  Doug Engalla

Graphic Design:  Doug Haverty

Upstairs at the Group Rep

Lonny Chapman Theatre

10900 Burbank Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Tickets and Showtimes

Buy Tickets and Information: 

www.thegrouprep.com    or    (818) 763-5990

Show Times: 

December 15, 2019 – January 12, 2020;   Saturdays at 4:00 pm.  Sundays at 7:00 pm

Talk-backs after Sunday shows 12/21/2019 and 01/04/2020

Tickets:  General Admission:  $20;   Students/Seniors with ID: $15;    Groups Tics available

The Upstairs venue is not handicapped accessible.

Running Time:  Approximately two hours and five minutes with two 10 minute intermissions.

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.