A Profile On… Audrey Singer’s Actors Forum Theatre – a jewel in the NoHo Crown

Audrey M. Singer   Artistic Director & Owner of Actors Forum Theatre

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Since 1975, Audrey M. Singer and her Actors Forum Theatre have been a mainstay and creative groundbreaking theatre entity in Los Angeles.  Actors Forum Theatre is one of the oldest membership theatre companies in LA, one of the first of thirty-five companies.

Audrey M. Singer and a group of eager actors, many of whom were originally from New York where theatre was part of the creative tapestry, founded Actors Forum Theatre.  The group was looking to put up a production of “DYLAN” and couldn’t find an appropriate venue in which to produce it.  Audrey and her husband, the late Mike Singer, found just the right space in Hollywood on Cahuenga Blvd. West, across the street from the Hanna Barberra Animation Studios.  This space later became Actors Forum Theatre’s permanent home, and remained so for almost two decades, providing opportunities for actors, directors, writers, producers, and theatre artists to perform and work on their craft in a safe and nurturing environment.

In 1994, Audrey and Mike Singer purchased a building on Magnolia Blvd. in the NoHo Theatre & Arts District that had once been a furniture store and converted it into a theatre.  Audrey and Mike made sure that their audiences would be comfortable in the new space by adding central air and heat, as well as wheelchair access to the theatre.

Actors Forum Theatre has been honored many times over the years, with numerous awards and excellent reviews under Audrey M. Singer’s artistic direction and keen eye.  Since its move to the NoHo Theatre & Arts District, Actors Forum Theatre has been recognized for the breakout hit “BOX 27”, the Los Angeles premiere of a new play that examined the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, looking at homosexuality in a different light.   Actors Forum Theatre also housed Fritz Coleman’s first solo outing, “IT’S ME, DAD”, which played to sell-out audiences for over nine months.

In addition, the theatre was recognized and has received excellent reviews for several of the productions such as “THE GREAT SEBASTIANS”, “THE BOY FRIEND”, the astounding magic of Falkenstein and Willard in “FIREFLIES – – WIZARDS OF MAGIC”, “A HATFUL OF RAIN”, Julie Sheppard’s “JUDY GARLAND – – A NIGHT IN THE LIFE”, and Don Scribner’s solo show “TWO ROOMS IN THE VALLEY”.

Audrey M. Singer is an accomplished actress as well, having performed in many of the productions over the years.  She has also served as the overall producer for all of the productions at Actors Forum as well as having directed many of the works.  Audrey also runs the Tuesday night members workshop, taking time to encourage new, emerging talent – – many of whom have gotten their start at Actors Forum Theatre.

Under Audrey Marlyn Singer’s artistic direction, Actors Forum Theatre has thrived in and contributed to the fabric of the Los Angeles theatre community for the past three+ decades for which she received the Women in Theatre’s 2005 Red Carpet Award, an accomplishment that she is truly proud of.