Kelly’s Lot Gives Us a New Christmas Song!

We’re listening to “Christmas Is Calling”  from NoHo-based band Kelly’s Lot…and trying to get into the holiday spirit.

Kelly’s Lot has recorded an original song, “Christmas Is Calling,”  off their newest album, “Another Sky.”  If you’re singing the same songs, it’s time to add a new Christmas song to your playlist.

“After realizing all the loneliness that everyone is feeling I wanted to share a song that expresses how hard it is to not be able to see your loved ones during the holidays. And now as we see the lockdowns getting more strict the song hits even harder but also has a way of lifting the listener up. Hopefully it reminds everyone that we still must connect with each other, especially through the phone or computer. With platforms like Facetime, Zoom or Skype, we can see our loved ones even if they are miles away. Christmas is calling!” – Kelly Zirbes

Vocals – Kelly Zirbes acoustic guitar – Perry Robertson Acoustic and electric guitars – Doug Pettibone drums – Art Mendoza electric bass – Matt McFadden B3 – Bobby Orgel background video by Michelle Ritter – Video edited by Perry Robertson – written by Kelly Zirbes – produced by Perry Robertson and Doug Pettibone – Mixed by Fred Paragano – Mastered by Mike Milchner at Sonic Vision.

Kelly’s Lot was formed in 1994 by Kelly Zirbes, a folk singer/songwriter with a heart for the blues. With 15 CDs and lots of touring in the USA and Europe, the band celebrates 26 years since the first night the band hit the stage at the Roxy in Hollywood. Kelly Z met guitar player and soundman, Perry Robertson in 1996, who soon after produced “Kelly’s Lot – Live at the Troubadour.” Within a year he joined the band, started writing songs with Kelly Z and added the southern rock and Texas influences that have shaped their sound. As a duo or band, they have played coffee shops, theaters, festivals, clubs, house concerts and a variety of events. In the last 10 years they have played as a 5-8 piece blues band that is well respected in the American blues scene. Some of the larger festivals they have played are Waterfront Blues, Simi Valley Cajun and Blues Festival, Ventura County Blues Festival, Lavaudieu Music Festival. Their songs have been heard in movies and television and covered by other artists. Perry Robertson, who shares songwriting and band leader credits with Kelly Z, has recorded and produced most of the band’s music including the 2019 release “Can’t Take My Soul” which featured americana, blues, folk and roots/rock creations. In May and June of 2020, Kelly Z and Perry worked with Doug Pettibone to record a new selection of songs that fit in americana genres like contemporary folk, roots rock and alt country. Six of the tracks on the album were inspired by words from fans on Facebook. Kelly Z challenged them to look in their hearts and share just one word. She then challenged herself to choose a word and write a song in two hours. This new selection is called “ANOTHER SKY” and was released on Aug 28, 2020. As a duo, a 4-piece or a full 8-piece band they always pack a lot of energy while still getting to the heart of the listener.

Kelly’s Lot weaves a variety of styles into their music. You can find rhythm and blues, roots, folk, blues, Latin grooves, rock, Irish melodies and more in their 26 years of recorded music. In Aug 2020 they celebrated 26 years since they first hit the stage in 1994 by returning to their folk roots and releasing “ANOTHER SKY.” Lead by singer/songwriter Kelly Z and guitarist/songwriter Perry Robertson, the different versions of Kelly’s lot draws on the full band of players including Rob Zucca on guitars, Matt McFadden on bass, Art Mendoza on on drums, Bill Johnston and Aviva Maloney on Sax, Dave Welch on Trumpet, Bobby Orgel on Keys and Frank Hinojosa on harp. As a duo or with the band behind them, the connection Kelly’s Lot makes with a listener or an audience is contagious.

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