How to Gain SoundCloud Plays?

9 Ways to Gain Plays on SoundCloud
9 Ways to Gain Plays on SoundCloud

Musical artists wanting to get popular on SoundCloud and make it big in the music industry need to focus on one thing: gaining plays. The more people play songs you’ve made and add them to their playlists, the more popular you’ll be and the more revenue you’ll make.

With a high number of streams, your tracks will gain popularity on other ad-driven platforms like Spotify, and you can start to make money from posting your music online. 

Whether you’re in a band or you’re a solo artist, our industry-best guide will show you how to gain SoundCloud plays and stand apart from the other million music tracks out there. Read more to learn the most effective strategies that audio creators should use to gather plays.

9 Proven Ways to Gain SoundCloud Plays

Getting your SoundCloud career off the ground may not exactly be an overnight process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these best practices, and you’ll start to boost your SoundCloud plays in no time:

1) Make Fine Music

The number one rule in learning to get a lot of SoundCloud plays is simple: good music is king. Higher-quality music tends to receive more plays than low-quality music that’s pumped out quickly with little effort put into it. People want to hear great songs on SoundCloud.

By releasing exceptional music, you’ll build up a fanbase that loves to closely follow your music. They’ll know to expect quality when you release something, and this reputation will earn you many plays on SoundCloud.

2) Make Your Music More Discoverable

When you upload a track, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly optimized so that it’ll show up in people’s search results. The best way to do this is to add relevant tags to each of your songs.

This will tell SoundCloud’s algorithm, as well as the users, what kind of music you make. Give your songs a genre tag, a good title, and a thorough description so that people can easily find your songs and increase your play count.

3) Build Your Own Music Community

Interacting with the users that listen to your music is a great way to gain more SoundCloud plays. You’ll make more fans by creating a SoundCloud community where you have a close connection with the people who listen to your music.

Engage with your fans and other artists to get your name out there. Participating in promotion circles where artists share each other’s music is a great way to start. This’ll generate a lot of plays for your SoundCloud songs as more users discover you.

4) Reach Out to Playlist Curators

Many users consume music by listening to playlists, so getting your songs featured on playlists is a wonderful method to build up your SoundCloud plays. An important part of this process is sharing your music with a playlist curator.

Playlist curators use curator site listings to add songs from independent artists to their carefully crafted playlists. Submit your songs to popular curator sites, and you’ll have a chance of being featured on a playlist, helping you gain even more SoundCloud plays.

5) Make Use of Followers Hack

A little-known way to quickly increase your number of plays on SoundCloud is by making use of the website All you have to do is register for the site and submit your music, and encourage users to like and reshare your songs.

The added exposure from using this followers hack will help you grow a following on SoundCloud quickly, which will directly lead to more plays.

6) Interact with Other Creators’ Content

There are bound to be loads of audio creators who make music in your chosen genre, and it’s a great idea to link up with a few of them. You can exchange music with each other and repost each other’s songs if you like what you’re hearing.

This cross-promotion can also work on other platforms like Spotify and radio stations, which will broaden your reach and enhance your SoundCloud plays even further. Creating collab songs with other artists is also a great way to gain fans.

7) Share Your Tracks on Other Social Channels

If you want your music heard by a lot of fans on SoundCloud, start promoting it on other social media platforms too. Share your tracks on channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, TikTok, Likee, and Spotify so that different audiences get interested in your content.

In addition to promoting content on video-based social channels, you can submit blog posts to popular websites. This extra exposure will encourage people to check out your music and boost your SoundCloud plays.

8) Run a Giveaway

People love winning prizes and use this to your benefit by attracting new users to your SoundCloud page through a giveaway. Host a contest that offers a free prize for winners, and promote it on various social channels to get people interested.

This will help people learn more about your music, and you’ll be sure to gain a few new fans along the way.

9) Purchase SoundCloud Plays

Gaining SoundCloud plays is the only way to really see success on SoundCloud, but it can take a long time. The fastest and best way to quickly get a lot of SoundCloud plays is to buy them because it’s inexpensive, easy and helps you build up a loyal fanbase in a short time.

The most reliable place to buy SoundCloud plays at a cheap price is Media Mister. Their variety of targeted services deliver organic plays from real accounts, and setting up an account couldn’t be easier. You can sign up today easily with no password and start now.

You won’t find a more high-quality social media marketer to help you gain SoundCloud plays than Media Mister. Purchase SoundCloud plays from them to boost your play count, and you’ll enjoy success in no time.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of music you’re looking to get popular with on SoundCloud, you’ve come to the right place. Our tips and tricks will help you get many plays on SoundCloud and build a loyal fanbase. A little effort goes a long way on SoundCloud, so be sure to follow our guide.