7 AMAZING Games for One Player, which will also bring you money!

7 AMAZING Games for 1 Player, which will also bring you money!
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Gaming has proven to benefit humans in various ways, and that is why modern Canadian schools are incorporating games into their curriculums. Meeting up with friends and competing in various games looks like the perfect idea. However, there are days where you just want to have some alone time and still enjoy your gaming sessions. 

You may also want to catch some quick games during your work breaks or even when traveling. It even gets better if such games offer you a chance to make money. 1-player games are the perfect picks when you want to enjoy such gaming sessions. We had an interactive session with our expert Michelle Thomas (check profile), who shared with us some perfect 1-player games:


It is one of the oldest card games that you will still find in modern casinos. The game traces its origin from France and is known for attracting high rollers. The typical game has a dealer’s hand and player’s hand, each with different values. The hand with the highest value wins the bet. You can bet on both hands, but the dealer is always a good option due to the low house edge. The modern online Canadian casinos have different variations of baccarat that you can try. 


Slots are some of the most popular games in modern casinos. However, they were originally introduced in casinos to ‘keep’ players busy as they waited for casino tables to open up. The ease of playing slots and the high payouts are some of the things that have made people fall in love with slots. The modern gambling world is very competitive and getting free spins no deposit Canada offers is one of the approaches that service providers use to attract new customers. Canadian players can download free online slots and play at their own convenience. Ensure that you select slots with an RTP of more than 95% if you want to increase your chances of winning. 

Video poker

This is the perfect game if you are looking for something with an extremely low house edge. There are also some variations without house edge as long as you execute your moves perfectly. However, you must ensure that you make the best decision on every move. The secret here is to understand the payout table of the video poker variation you are playing. Some of the popular video poker variations include Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, All American and Joker Poker. 


It is another ancient card game that still dominates the modern gaming world. Blackjack is a game of strategy and may take time to master. Every move that you make in this game will eventually determine the outcome. Some of your moves can make the house edge go below 1%. Using online charts and resources can help land the best blackjack strategy. The online casinos now allow you to game against a live dealer. 


Roulette is also rated among the oldest games that you will still find on modern platforms. Its rules haven’t changed much, and you make your bets as the wheels spin. There are different variations of this game to choose from, and they have different house edges. The classic European roulette in online casinos has a house edge of 2.70% and comes with one zero. The American version has two zeros, and the casino advantage rises to 5.26%. The French version is the best as it has an edge of 1.35% in certain markets. 


Craps is one of the most popular dice games that you will find in Ottawa and London casinos and almost all casinos. This version of dice game is known by various names such as bank craps, Las Vegas-style craps or casino craps. Craps comes with a special table and layout where you will make a bet against the house. As a player, you signify a bet by placing cash or playing chips at the appropriate layout before a roll is made. Understanding the rules of the game comes in handy when you are playing on online platforms. You are also likely to get different variations of this game on online gaming platforms.   

Above are some of the games that you can enjoy alone in your own free time. Ensure that you differentiate between games of luck and those that demand strategy before you get started. 

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