3 Tips for Experimenting with Your Decor Tastes

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Interior design is all about creativity. How you style and furnish your home will depend entirely on your personal tastes and preferences, with the end result being a reflection of your personality and creative sensibilities.

Designing a home is all about striking a balance between form and function. Often, people focus too much on practicality, they overlook the creative opportunities that are available when decorating a space. We’ve put together three tips for experimenting with your décor tastes. Check them out below.

Get Some New Furniture

Furniture is one of the most important parts of any interior space. Be it a bed, chair, sofa, or a dining table, furniture is a focal point that serves as an anchor and ties the room together both visually and physically.

Getting some new furniture is one of the most effective ways of experimenting with your home décor. A new piece can completely transform a space and give an old, tired room a new lease of life.

Don’t assume that getting new furniture means having to break the bank. You can find incredible bargains at discount furniture stores, ideal for those of us designing our homes with a budget in mind.

Think About Color

Few things offer as much scope for creative expression and experimentation as color. The color you choose to use in your home can have an enormous impact, it can establish tone and atmosphere, and even influence our emotions.

Different color combinations work better than others. Your best bet is to try a few different combos and see which ones work best for you. Think about the type of colors you use and what kind of effect they might have. For example, red can be used to create a sense of romance and excitement, while green can be more peaceful and put us in mind of the natural world.

Color doesn’t just mean the paint you use on the walls. Your furniture and soft furnishings can also be used to introduce some color to your living space.

Decorate the Walls

Other than a coat of paint, we often don’t give much thought to the walls in our homes. However, they can offer us a fantastic opportunity to experiment creatively and can be used as a canvas upon which to further improve the visual appearance of our homes.

Hanging artwork on the walls can be an excellent decision, it will immediately give your home a sense of style and sophistication. The type of art you choose will depend on what speaks to you on a personal level, you could opt for something traditional or something cool and modern like a Rothko.


If you’re looking to experiment with your home décor tastes, there are a few approaches you can take. Getting new furniture can be one of the most effective ways to experiment with your interior design while introducing new colors can affect the overall visual appearance of your space. To truly elevate your home décor, choose some artwork to hang on your walls.