2017 Color of the Year-Greenery

2017 Color of the Year-Greenery

For most of us the color green is soothing, relaxing and even playful.

It not only brings the outside in, but it also lets our senses experience the smell of freshly cut grass or our favorite flower from the first days of spring. It’s actually very energizing.  You’ll also notice the trend this year.  You should be seeing green in furniture, rugs, wallpaper, fashion and even accessories.

When using any shade of green, use with care.  In other words, don’t use it everywhere. As with any color which can be strong, use as an accent first.  Colors are trends and some last longer than others.   I’ve stated in the past that I like to use a neutral palette and add the color as I go along.  To keep a room such as a bedroom soothing and relaxing, I’d only add touches of green.  Find a soft shade to introduce at first and add something a bit richer as you go.  Use a few pillows, a throw and a few plants to highlight your color.

In other rooms such as a kitchen or even a living room, a stronger tone or shade can be used at first.  You’ll want a bit more of a saturated color in these rooms for some liveliness and energy.  You’re cooking and entertaining in these rooms and want to have fun and enjoy them with family and friends.  Your herb garden can actually be your inspiration for what you use in the kitchen regarding the right shades.  Use new towels or small rugs as an introduction for your new color.

As always, enjoy!