10 All-Time Movies About College and Students

Watching a great movie is one of the best ways to spend your free time.

If you are a student, movies about college might become a perfect alternative to relax and unwind. We’ve collected the top 10 movies of all times that are likely to be enjoyed by most young learners. 

Before choosing a movie 

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Top 10 movies about college any student should watch 

The world of cinema is enormous. Therefore, choosing the best movie for a good evening might appear to be difficult. We’ve picked up the greatest alternatives to make your job easier. Here is our hotlist!

The Social Network 

The movie is about Mark Zukerberg, the world-known founder of Facebook. The story describes how a common student became an influencer and created an outstanding solution that changed the lives of millions of people globally. 

Good Will Hunting 

Will Hunting is a brilliant student with excellent knowledge of Math-related subjects. However, he doesn’t realize how powerful his talent is. What happened next? Watch the movie and have a great time easily.

Forrest Gump 

In case you’ve never seen this movie before, it is definitely worth watching. It describes the life of a common man with a low IQ. Although Forrest is not the smartest person, he is still able to achieve lots of amazing feats. The movie is full of world-known aphorisms that you will surely like, too. 

The Breakfast Club 

This awesome movie is about several students with different background and their lives.  A story is likely to be quite entertaining and inspiring for many young learners. 

Life of Pi

Feeling stuck? Don’t know what to do next? Watch this awesome movie to find the hidden strength and continue your life-long battle. 

Back to school 

Looking for a movie about students and their parents? This one will surely meet your needs and make you feel grateful to your family. 

Legally Blonde 

This movie is an amazingly popular film that was shot in 2001. It is a pleasant, funny, and enjoyable alternative for a perfect evening. 

The Rules of Attraction 

The Rules of Attraction is a scandalous and very controversial movie each student should watch at least once. It is about a love triangle between the classmates. By the way, it is better to watch it alone or with your friends rather than with your parents. 


This one is an extremely emotional movie about the difficult childhood and teen life of the main hero. In case you want to watch some drama, this movie might make you fall in tears. 

The Internship 

Dreaming about having an internship at a big company? The main heroes of this movie got a chance to do an internship at Google. See what happened next!  

There are lots of other movies about college life you can find online. Choose the most fitting for you and have a good time!