Fractured Shakespeare - Was it Rape, Then?

  Published on 2019-03-06

A narrative short following four women in their fight against sexual assault, all using the recontextualized words of Shakespeare. with text borrowed from... *Double Falsehood (2.1) The Taming of the Shrew (4.3) Much Ado About Nothing (4.1) The Tempest (4.1) Macbeth (5.5) Henry V (4.3) Coriolanus (1.4) Directed by Kari Lee Cartwright Screenplay by Thaddeus Shafer Adapted from the stage piece compiled and performed by Charissa J Adams - Featured on the front page of Huffington Post's Culture & Arts. Link: - Featured on Link: - Featured in Shakespeare Mag Link: Starring Connor Kelly-Eiding, Charissa J Adams, Elitia Daniels, Sujana Chand and Ms. Karen Pittman. Featuring Abigail Marks, Bitsy la Bourbon, Carly D. Weckstein, Jessica Goldapple, Jess M Garcia, Kari Lee Cartwright, Sabrina Bernasconi and Adam Slemon, Andy Forrest, Bruce A. Lemon Jr., Grace Lee Lisa Grady, Michael James Adams, Richard Abraham, Thaddeus Shafer Produced by Charissa J. Adams Thaddeus Shafer Kari Lee Cartwright Editor: Thaddeus Shafer Colorist: Sean McDaniel Composer: Jonathan Thomas Miller Sound Editor: Michael Kaplan, Zwick Post Publicity: Casey Gates Los Angeles Unit First Assistant Director: Steph Warpaint Director of Photography: Sean McDaniel Sound: Carlito Hendy Gaffer: Thaddeus Shafer Stills Photography: Casey Gates New York Unit Director of Photography: Alejandro Cort?s First Assistant Camera: Paula Cury Boom Operator: Brandon Green Gaffer: Nicolas Lopez Production Manager: Charis Shafer Special thanks to... Buz Danger Wallick, Carolyn Templin, Charlie Zwick, Dana Huff and Vivian Marlow Huff, Devin Kawaoka, Gabriel Long, Joe Sabia, Jonny Taylor, Marc de la Cruz, Matthew-Lee Erlbach, Michael James Adams, Michael Lucid, Noelle Bruno, Sam Pancake, School of Visual Arts, The Illyrian Players Theatre Co., and Will Hrdr *Double Falsehood is a text whose authorship is disputed. To find out more, you can read...

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