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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Writer, Filmmaker, Musician. Samantha has Produced over 60 short films and Written and Directed 20. She is the co-creator of 52 Films/52 Weeks and The Cinema Tribe Collective. She has written over 400 LA Theatre reviews and is partners in Xpress Records a Music Publishing Company in the UK.  This year she will be directing her first feature film which she also wrote, developing several others and is writing a children’s book. 

“Don’t Break What You Cannot Fix” feels like a love song, or at least a conversation between two lovers, but it’s a little more complex than that.

Thursday, 04 April 2019 04:23

DG Adams “Nest of Vipers” Album Release


There’s something very ‘punk’ these days about music that sounds like the musicians are actually playing the instruments and the singers are inhaling before they exhale…if you know what I mean.  I happen to prefer my music more human than automated. DG Adams' album “Nest of Vipers” is thankfully free from the confines of electronica and autotune.  It is full of the divine flaws of live recordings, the sentimental passions of a love for jamming, and the turn of a thoughtful phrase.

It’s no surprise to me that Adams is an actor and a Shakespearean one at that.  The themes are dramatic; death, love, war, despair.  The vocals are layered and harmonized, poignant and cinematic.  The whole album feels like a performance piece in fact.  More rock musical than rock concert.  It even has a little comic relief with the track “Platonic Lovers,” neatly placed at the end of the second act.

The production is warm and welcoming, the musicians excellent and the songs playfully diverse, folky, Spanish, rock, soul and even a little Elizabethan.  Its honesty reminds me a little of Pink Floyd or David Bowie or Joni Mitchell…that same kind of wistful mournfulness.  These songs are straight from the heart, really compelling and gorgeously theatrical….loved it!!!


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DG Adams: songwriter, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars

Vinay Lobo: acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion

Shane Wilson: drums, congas

Anna Katarina: bg vocals, keyboards

Aline Bobbin: bg vocals, violin, viola

Céline Hodler: bg vocals

Keigh: bg vocals and keyboards

The Big Oak Theatre Presents “Last of The Red Hot Lovers.” Written by Neil Simon and Directed by Patrick Hart. 

What a little gem…slightly odd and sweetly original. Patrick Ames’s EP “All I Do is Bleed” is a magical glimpse inside a warm, thoughtful and strangely familiar mind. 

PREATOREAN LLC Productions Presents “Simpatico.” Written by Sam Shepard. Directed by Derek Long.

Fuzzy Bottom Theatre Company Presents “Pandora’s Box.”  Written by April Littlejohn. Directed by April Littlejohn, Karla Davis and Brendan Lynch.

Catworks Productions Presents: “An Evening of One Acts: Joan & What Did They Say”

The Thursday Night Theatre Club Presents “The Elephant Man.” Written by Bernard Pomerance.  Directed by Robyn Cohen.


I’ve just got home from a very exciting film group meeting. 

This album, written and recorded by Chloe Grace Baker or Bitter’s Kiss, is inspired by and written for a movie, “The Divorce Party,” a soon to be released romantic comedy. 

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