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Lorenzo Marchessi

Based in Southern California, not far from Downtown Hollywood - Lorenzo Marchessi. has always enjoyed movies, music and theatre first hand. Currently living in the San Fernando Valley Area called the ‘No Ho Arts District properly’ (Originally from Chicago!) – More than fond of Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Dramas, Animation, Independent Films and of course Comedies. I like the short film and the long film (as long as their good!) I saw my first film at the age of six - HELLO DOLLY and I saw LOGAN'S RUN ten times in the theatre! Having actually worked in the production of Film, TV, Radio and live Theatre I can always understand the work that goes into creating ANY Movie, Television Show, Theatre Production, DVD, CD's and even Live Concerts. I love to write and been doing it for decades - literally! I always appreciate any feedback or comments! P.S. My all-time favorite film is ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE along with THE LITTLE MERMAID and THE DESCENDANTS, my favorite TV series of all-time is STAR TREK as well as FRINGE and THE BIG BANG THEORY, my favorite performing artist of all-time is BARRY MANILOW, my favorite actor of all time MR. JACK LEMON and my favorite theatrical productions to date is WICKED and THE PRODUCERS. Contact: Lorenzo M. at Lorenzo@LandMProductions.com !

Thursday, 06 December 2012 01:56

SHE F*&%ING HATES ME: A Love Story

A Story of Real Family and Real Passion For Everyone!

she_f-ing_hates_mezju_photo_3.jpg - 145.12 Kb

North Hollywood's own Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group has a wonderful family based drama called " SHE F*&%ING HATES ME: A Love Story" written and directed by Scarlett Ridgeway Savage. It’s the story of a mother and daughter of three generations dealing with a family death, a broken promise, a hidden secret and unspoken love of someone who is more than a friend. Cleverly staged by Scarlett and bold with words, this play will make you smile and laugh many times.

pic 001 bk utf-8b4octieeuiefkyw1zlcbtlibdb29wzxigunlhbiw.jpg - 136.86 Kb

The Young Actors Ensemble at the NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood has a frolicking production of a Steve “Wild and Crazy Guy” Martin’s play written originally in 1993 called “Picasso at the Lapin Agile.” Colorfully directed by Tommy Statler, the play is an amalgam of crazy, bizarre and witty humor that can only come from that legendary comedian's mind.

pic_001_astroglyde_cast.jpg - 187.61 Kb

You can always expect a real tour de force of talent at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre in North Hollywood and “Astroglyde XX” is no exception.  The show is a series of original concepts written and performed by the actors who bring these 9 different personalities to life. With the show's fresh concepts and stories, your evening will be filled with humor, surprises, sexuality and touching (yet real) commentaries of the human condition. Each of these monologues had a different director guiding their individual talents.

pic_001_sara_kubida_david_caprita_j.r._esposito_bk_-_eric_.jpg - 732.34 Kb

SkyPilot Theatre in North Hollywood is where you MUST stop and see the legend himself - King Kong. You, the audience, help Kong climb, fight and even fall for his love! Jamie Robledo directed this production of “Kong-A Goddamn Thirty-Foot Gorilla.” It has originality, sparks of commentary and extreme visual creativity.

pic 001 no monsters college 001.jpg - 104.12 Kb

Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre in North Hollywood does it again! Playwright Adam Neubauer took time travel and the classic universal horror monsters and mixed them into a hysterical mix of romp, sarcasm and music in Zombie Joe's latest production of "Not With Monsters!" Director Sebastian Munoz then sprinkled in some talented performers, scene changing lighting and some fun toe-tapping choreography by cast member Caroline Montes for an evening of extreme fun!

Fun & Frolic With Shakespeare & Zombie Joe’s “Much Ado About Nothing”

pic 001 top n thurkettle a khalighi d pedro mid p rodrigu.jpg - 132.43 Kb

In 1599, William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” was first presented to an audience. Zombie Joes Underground Theatre in North Hollywood takes another stellar cast and condenses the famous text into an hour and 10 minutes of fast fun and pure frolic!

"The Boneyard and The Dead Pussy"
A Comedy and A Drama of Cats, Graveyards and Extreme Passions!

pic 001 dead pussy- meghan cox -inset- lisa jai  collin red.jpg - 68.26 Kb

pic 002 erica peeples daniel ball jake suffian and cynthia.jpg - 244.57 Kb

The Griot Theatre of the West Valley has launched their first production and they should be very proud of it. It’s very easy to go ‘wrong’ with Shakespeare. This amazing cast does an impressive job of delivering a classic with performance perfection!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012 13:47

Theatre Review >> “Measure For Measure“

Fast, Free-Spirited, Fun & Forceful Is Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure!

pic 001 jacques_freydont_justin_michael_terry.png - 266.00 Kb

The Porters of Hellsgate Theatre Company has again come up with another energetic and dynamic performance of one of William Shakespeare’s works called ‘Measure For Measure’ at The Whitmore Lindley Theatre in North Hollywood. You will see some really electric performances that, when mixed with a complex and diverse story, create a wonderful production you’ll remember.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 01:33

Theatre Review >> No Love

An Eclectic Production Is What ‘No Love’ Radiates!

In North Hollywood, The Eclectic Company Theatre presents an original avant-garde production of playwright Andrew Osborne’s “No Love.” This is a play with literally a roller-coaster of emotions and scene changes that seem to twist themselves together in an emotionally charged comedy/drama.

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