Lorenzo Marchessi

Lorenzo Marchessi

Based in Southern California, not far from Downtown Hollywood - Lorenzo Marchessi. has always enjoyed movies, music and theatre first hand. Currently living in the San Fernando Valley Area called the ‘No Ho Arts District properly’ (Originally from Chicago!) – More than fond of Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Dramas, Animation, Independent Films and of course Comedies. I like the short film and the long film (as long as their good!) I saw my first film at the age of six - HELLO DOLLY and I saw LOGAN'S RUN ten times in the theatre! Having actually worked in the production of Film, TV, Radio and live Theatre I can always understand the work that goes into creating ANY Movie, Television Show, Theatre Production, DVD, CD's and even Live Concerts. I love to write and been doing it for decades - literally! I always appreciate any feedback or comments! P.S. My all-time favorite film is ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE along with THE LITTLE MERMAID and THE DESCENDANTS, my favorite TV series of all-time is STAR TREK as well as FRINGE and THE BIG BANG THEORY, my favorite performing artist of all-time is BARRY MANILOW, my favorite actor of all time MR. JACK LEMON and my favorite theatrical productions to date is WICKED and THE PRODUCERS. Contact: Lorenzo M. at Lorenzo@LandMProductions.com !

Monday, 18 February 2013 07:01

Theatre Review >> Jekyll & Hyde

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With book and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse and music by Frank Wildhorn, the Panatages Theatre in Hollywood takes you an interpersonal journey of a man with good intentions but extremely bad executions of his ideas in Broadway bound musical/rock opera “Jekyll & Hyde.”

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Opening March of 1991 in an off-Broadway theatre in New York, composers John Kander and Fred Ebb together composed a library of songs and hits that have moved theatre audiences for decades. The NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood brings this wonderful ensemble of performers and songs together in the production of, “And The World Goes Round.” Plan on an evening of music, dance comedy and songs you’ll be singing when you walk out the door.

Thursday, 07 February 2013 02:15

Theatre Review >> Love Me Deadly

“Love Me Deadly Is A Fantastic Original Piece Of Theatre!”

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Once again, there is a pleasant surprise waiting for you at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood. It’s that of an amazingly fun, hauntingly spooky and humorous adventure set in the past and done in an old radio style drama way. “Love Me Deadly” is an exotically creepy play with uniquely designed sound effects and music accompaniment that actually make you feel like you are really listening (and watching) an old radio drama being performed right in front of your eyes.

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As a kid I have always loved magic of all kinds. Watching a live magician has always been fascinating to me especially when you are young and seeing some of the same tricks years later. Magician Albie Selznick takes the center stage in the Road Theatre Company presentation of “Smoke and Mirrors” in North Hollywood.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 02:40

Theatre Review >> Giving Up Is Hard To Do

Humor Is Annie Abbotts’ Life Is And It’s Really Hard To Give Up!

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Wow! Two Cosmic Brothers Will Unshackle Your Imagination!

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Okay, follow these instructions: One, go to the North Hollywood Arts District area in the Valley. Two, stop by Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre on Lankershim Blvd. Three, take a ride on a wild, live theatre experience you’ll never forget – it’s called “Two Cosmic Brothers Unshackle Mother Earth!”

Cathy Rigby Really Takes Flight In ‘Peter Pan’ At The Pantages Theatre In Hollywood

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Dostoevsky's Notes Is A Maddening Delight Of Passion!

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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 02:11

Theatre Review >> The Gambler’s Daughter

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Gambling Is More Than Family Affair In “The Gambler’s Daughter”

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“The Tortoise & The Hair Make A Holiday Wish”

You’ll Laugh With The Hare & Root For The Tortoise! Great Fun For Kids!

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