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Lorenzo Marchessi

Based in Southern California, not far from Downtown Hollywood - Lorenzo Marchessi. has always enjoyed movies, music and theatre first hand. Currently living in the San Fernando Valley Area called the ‘No Ho Arts District properly’ (Originally from Chicago!) – More than fond of Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Dramas, Animation, Independent Films and of course Comedies. I like the short film and the long film (as long as their good!) I saw my first film at the age of six - HELLO DOLLY and I saw LOGAN'S RUN ten times in the theatre! Having actually worked in the production of Film, TV, Radio and live Theatre I can always understand the work that goes into creating ANY Movie, Television Show, Theatre Production, DVD, CD's and even Live Concerts. I love to write and been doing it for decades - literally! I always appreciate any feedback or comments! P.S. My all-time favorite film is ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE along with THE LITTLE MERMAID and THE DESCENDANTS, my favorite TV series of all-time is STAR TREK as well as FRINGE and THE BIG BANG THEORY, my favorite performing artist of all-time is BARRY MANILOW, my favorite actor of all time MR. JACK LEMON and my favorite theatrical productions to date is WICKED and THE PRODUCERS. Contact: Lorenzo M. at Lorenzo@LandMProductions.com !

Monday, 21 October 2013 02:53

Theatre Review - Fall Shorts

“Fall Shorts” Is A Funny Series Of Vignettes With A Theme!

Pic 001 Knight Davison Gregory James - Fighting Mr. RIght A

Friday, 11 October 2013 01:31

Theatre Review >> War Horse

“Moving Story, Incredible Puppetry Is The Heart of “War Horse”

War Horse Photo 1

Back in October of 2007, at the Royal National Theatre in London, Nick Stafford took the book written by Michel Morpurgo and made a fairly touching and dramatic stage presentation of the life of one horse, Joey, during World War I and called this play “War Horse.”

“A Musical ‘Treat’, That’s “Presidential Suite!”

Pic 001 - Alex Walters Bradley Thomas Kuykendall

What a concept! Imagine if eight presidents throughout history were pitted on a Las Vegas stage to compete for the MVP Award (Most Valuable President)! Now through their individual personalities and laments, set to music, you have the Sophisticated Rogue Media production of “Presidential Suite” at the Whitmore Lindley Theatre Center in North Hollywood.

“Rumination” Is an Amazing Piece of Performance Art with Music and Dance!”

Mark HeinCenLtoR Anna Laura Singleton Michelle Talley Peggy Flood  Tessa-Jade Richardson Tracey Collins. Btm LtoR C. L. Surniak K. Gault  D. Melody

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 00:55

Theatre Review - The Wizard Of Oz

0001aS.jpg - 1.16 MB

This is a masterpiece of modern theatre technology and performance art that brings back to live theatre the classic L. Frank Baum story. Originally written and published back in 1900, it has been re-released worldwide in hundreds of editions. It wasn’t until Ms. Judy Garland in the 1939 movie musical that it was even considered for a full-length theatrical musical stage production. In 2010, an idea began with legendary collaborators Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber to add more songs and “spice” to the already popular music of Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg from the feature film in order to create this lavishly beautiful stage production at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood called, “The Wizard Of Oz.”

I love you You're Perfect Now Change

“Absolutely Fun, Funny & A Pure Musical Delight Is “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!”

Thursday, 12 September 2013 01:28

Theatre Review - The Twilight Zone: Unscripted

Pic_001_TZU_photo_1.jpg - 217.65 KB

“Imaginative & Hysterically Funny Is “The Twilight Zone: Unscripted”

Wednesday, 11 September 2013 00:52

Theatre Review - Ordinary Days

Ordinary Day 001.jpg - 175.39 KB

“Fantastic Talent, Fantastic Music, Fantastic Message In “Ordinary Days”

“Dan Dixon” Is the Ultimate In ‘Groovy’ Science Fiction Comedy - Fun and Nostalgic!”

zombie joe's underground theatre north hollywood noho arts district www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Quick, jump into your turbo-charged interplanetary hyper-drive activated space hopper and head for these galactic coordinates – North Hollywood – (Beep, Beep) - Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre- (Beep, Beep) for a wild sci-fi blast from the psychedelic past comedy romp called “Captain Dan Dixon vs. The Moth Sluts From the Fifth Dimension.” It’s a nostalgic roller-coaster ride into a live, sci-fi, serial-like production that will make you laugh out loud! Even their poster art is reminiscent of the old 50s serials which makes it that much more fun!

Matthew Sklar wrote this production several years back and has revived it with more of a fresh comedic style that takes every 50s sci-fi film cliché and turns it on its end. Amazingly timed, staged and designed by director Sebastian Munoz, this production uses lights, sounds, music, dance and a really hysterical (double entendre filled) story that will surprise you and leave you wanting more. With fantastic original costuming by Corey Zicari and Jeri Batzdorff and some realistically period props by R. Benjamin Warren, you will think you are sitting in front of an old TV watching a real sci-fi serial of the 50s.

Did I mention Captain Dan Dixon is also played by Matthew Sklar? Not only did he write the piece, Matthew plays the Captain as real as it gets and even in the most extremely bizarre and ridiculously hysterical sexual moments, he plays it as if his real mission is too really save planet Earth from these Moth Sluts from the 5th Dimension! In fact he and his whole crew are having so much fun, I truly believe their peril is our peril as an audience. What if these green painted nymphos actually make it to Earth? Ahhhhhhh!

Tyler Koster does such a hysterical personification of a nerdy crewman named Virgil who is teased by most of his crew, while Vincent Cusimano plays the more self-centered Hashimoto with an egotistical flair. And you what would be any trip through outer space without your resident bible-pusher named Sterling proudly played by R. Benjamin Warren who is always at odds with your wannabe stud Casey so energetically obnoxious and played by Jerry Chappell you sometimes want to slap the living daylights out of him. Oh did I mention the overly excited, yet almost philosophical chef name Chow, so charmingly played by David Wyn Harris? Keep an eye on Tyler and Vincent as they have quite the on stage chemistry that leads to some of the most hysterical moments.

Now what would be a spaceship without your resident science expert and super genius? Well that’s why Jonica Patella is masterfully playing Dr. Cunigulus. She uses her technological and mathematical wizardry to foil our seemingly innocent “Moth Sluts.” Matthew and Jonica are just a real treat to watch as they play their roles with gusto and determination and they do it while keeping in character with some of the most hysterical 50s sci-fi-esque dialogue I’ve ever heard. Oh, and lastly you certainly cannot have an intergalactic spaceship without your own android/robot. Now could you? No, really, could you? Urania is the robot of your choice. She is magnificently played by Gloria Baraquio who does a supreme job of playing an almost unemotional machine with issues.

Now for the baddies: (That’s a British term for the ‘Bad Guys’). Leading the group of green painted mistresses of Moth (and sexy too) is Katherine Canipe as Empress Syphla who has super ‘Mothtastic’ chemistry with Matthew as Captain Dan. (Okay, I made up that word.) Her powers and silky slyness lead the crew into a circumstance you soon won’t forget. Vickbelle is the Empress daughter and is so timidly and innocently played by Heldine Aguiluz who along with the seductive Corey Zicari as Luna, the vivacious Vivi Varon as Polyphema, the tantalizing Courtney Bandeko as Antheraea and the erotically charge Caroline Montes as Cecropia are all on a mission to take over their victims by doing something, rather disgusting (yet charming in a weird way) to their brains! You’ll have to see it to find out, but small spoiler – Heldine is like a double-edged sword! Watch out!

By the way, are you catching the cleverness of all their names? The play does contain some mature themes and mature visuals, but definitely a lot of fun times will be had by all who see it. It reminded me a lot of a really well done SNL skit, but longer and funnier! Matthew Sklar did an amazing job at writing one of the most humorous pieces of sci-fi nostalgia I’ve ever seen on stage and, together with Sebastian Munoz’s directing sharpness and lighting touches, Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre triumphs again with “Captain Dan Dixon vs. The Moth Sluts From the Fifth Dimension”.. You gotta see this one! Check them out at www.ZombieJoes.com.
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Monday, 19 August 2013 04:09

Theatre Review - Doubting Thomas

doubt.jpg - 59.42 KB

“Nicely Done, “Doubting Thomason” Is A Play Within A Play”

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