A Story of Real Family and Real Passion For Everyone!

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North Hollywood's own Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group has a wonderful family based drama called " SHE F*&%ING HATES ME: A Love Story" written and directed by Scarlett Ridgeway Savage. It’s the story of a mother and daughter of three generations dealing with a family death, a broken promise, a hidden secret and unspoken love of someone who is more than a friend. Cleverly staged by Scarlett and bold with words, this play will make you smile and laugh many times.

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You can always expect a real tour de force of talent at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre in North Hollywood and “Astroglyde XX” is no exception.  The show is a series of original concepts written and performed by the actors who bring these 9 different personalities to life. With the show's fresh concepts and stories, your evening will be filled with humor, surprises, sexuality and touching (yet real) commentaries of the human condition. Each of these monologues had a different director guiding their individual talents.

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Are you looking for a fun and entertaining night out in North Hollywood? Then it’s almost certain you’ll enjoy Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre's production of an original and humorous script by Thomas J. Miscuraca - “The ParaAbnormals." Basically, it’s the story of an amateur paranormal investigative team who literally gets in way over its head.

downd.jpg - 5.06 KbJust when you thought the valley couldn’t get any hotter, along comes Down & Dirty, the latest, after-hours Zombie Joe’s frolic. The intimacy of the theatre and minimalistic set design enhance the sweltering sparkle of this post-modern cabaret that might be subtitled “Burlesque from the Black Box.”   

Macbeth Is Shakespeare ‘Light’ – Done Right!

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Once again small theatre triumphs big! Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group in North Hollywood off Lankershim Blvd. has an immensely fresh (and shortened) production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Tragedy Done Well! Denmark is Done Proud!

North Hollywood has a wealth of small theatres and they all are in their own right proud places to perform the many works of various playwrights – but none more so than the Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet!

A profile on Zombie Joe of Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater Group

“I'll say it was creepy, funny, silly, occasionally pretty gross- and at points, pretty terrifying.” “Blood, guts, zombies...what's not to like?” “When the room goes pitch black, you can't hear anything but your heart racing in anticipation of the next horrifying scene.”

My first and only fistfight was with a redhead. I was ten. Suffice it to say, I went to Zombie Joe's latest production with a huge bias in tow.

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Love. Lust. Betrayal. Murder! Zombie Joe's Underground's world premiere production of Vanessa Cate's 1940's Film noir-inspired thriller about a relentless private eye's search for the killer of Hollywood's leading lady and the psychological web of deceit he uncovers.

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Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group Presents

Christmas Thrills and High Adventure

Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group
4850 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Showing through December 30th
Fridays at 11pm
Reservations (818) 202-4120
TIX: $15

It's that time of year when you untangle the Christmas lights, shop too much, eat too much, and enjoy life too much. I know-- there's no way to enjoy life "too much", but you can get pretty close in the NOHO Arts District. Need a push to get into the Christmas spirit? No problem, just check out Zombie Joe's "Christmas Thrills and High Adventures". It's a Christmas gift you must not miss.

zju xmas
Photo by Zombie Joe

Richard Nathan has wrapped up a delightful package of short holiday plays and songs. This sexy, zany, whacky collection of shorts spans Elizabethan times through sci-fi space travel. Denise Devin has directed (and creatively costumed) another batch of high-octane musical numbers and yule-tide fun.

Katherine Bowman sings "Santa Baby" with the full company in dance mode. Kevin Michael Shiley heads up a "Film Noir"- style detective caper. Zargots the Strong, and Floop the Clever discover the magic of Christmas in a mind-twisting fantasy. If you're up for a rootin'-tootin' western Christmas, Marshall John Stone, Gunman of the West will fill the bill; it's hard to not giggle at a mix of guns and yule-tide comedy. Need your buckle swhashed? "A Pirate Christmas with Captain Broderick Reef" will have you rolling around on the deck with laughs.

The full company provides a real show-stopper: Adam Sandler's outrageous "Chanukah Song" proves that there are many ways to rhyme with "Chanukah"

Of course, no Zombie Joe presentation would seem complete without vampires and werewolfs; and you won't be disappointed with "A Playhouse of the Damned Christmas".

zju xmas

In fact you won't be disappointed by anything during this hour of laugh-filled, cheerful Christmas joy. Arouse your yule-tide spirit at 11pm on Fridays through December 30th. It's a perfect aperitif after an evening out in the NOHO Arts District.


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