“It’s Zombie, It’s Odd But “Rotting Corpses Is Hysterically Funny!”

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“Richard the III Is Back With A Vengeance at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre!”

“Zombie Joe’s Makes The Brothers Grimm Proud”

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Come one, come all to North Hollywood and experience what is live theatre in an avant-garde  style at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre. What a wonderful series of vignettes, coupled with the historical writings of Oscar Wilde himself and some really clever and unique performances, and you have this wonderful production of "Fragments of Oscar Wilde."

“Sculptress of Angel X” Is A Bizarre Look Into An Artist Mind

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“Dirty Little Demon” Is Filled With Passion And A Dark Obsession!

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“Love Me Deadly Is A Fantastic Original Piece Of Theatre!”

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Once again, there is a pleasant surprise waiting for you at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood. It’s that of an amazingly fun, hauntingly spooky and humorous adventure set in the past and done in an old radio style drama way. “Love Me Deadly” is an exotically creepy play with uniquely designed sound effects and music accompaniment that actually make you feel like you are really listening (and watching) an old radio drama being performed right in front of your eyes.

Wow! Two Cosmic Brothers Will Unshackle Your Imagination!

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Okay, follow these instructions: One, go to the North Hollywood Arts District area in the Valley. Two, stop by Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre on Lankershim Blvd. Three, take a ride on a wild, live theatre experience you’ll never forget – it’s called “Two Cosmic Brothers Unshackle Mother Earth!”

Dostoevsky's Notes Is A Maddening Delight Of Passion!

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“The Tortoise & The Hair Make A Holiday Wish”

You’ll Laugh With The Hare & Root For The Tortoise! Great Fun For Kids!

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