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Only Zombie Joe's Underground can mesh art and horror into a frightening and mesmerizing experience. Since I saw their Halloween Urban Death Haunted Theatre Attraction show last year, I knew this year's would be even bigger and better if that was possible. It was!

TheHypochondriacZJU CASTphoto

Spring is in the air. So are dust particles and pollen, and people who don’t cover their nose when they sneeze. Rest assured that the one place you will be safe for an hour on Sundays is at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre. Face masks are not optional in this sterile black box.

“A Christmas Carol” Is A Real Christmas Enchantment At ZJU Theatre”

Zombie Joe Sebastian Muñoz A Christmas Carol NoHo Arts District ZJU North Hollywood

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood does exactly what they do best, present a classic story, in this case by Charles Dickens, and give it a fun, fresh, musically enriched and delightfully charming version of the age-old classic “A Christmas Carol.” An amazingly fun part of this production is that many of the performers take on several roles each, with full costume, attitude and vocal changes. Bravo cast!

“Rumination” Is an Amazing Piece of Performance Art with Music and Dance!”

Mark HeinCenLtoR Anna Laura Singleton Michelle Talley Peggy Flood  Tessa-Jade Richardson Tracey Collins. Btm LtoR C. L. Surniak K. Gault  D. Melody

Pic_001_TZU_photo_1.jpg - 217.65 KB

“Imaginative & Hysterically Funny Is “The Twilight Zone: Unscripted”

“Dancing On The Edge Is A Wonderful Showcase Of Movement Style”

Pic_001_DOTE_-LtoR_Donna_Noelle_Ibale_JJ_Dubon_Jade_Waters-BurchNicole_Wormley_Cody_WhitleyTop-Randall_Morris_Zee_Smith.jpg - 257.19 KB

Photo_001_Katie_Lynn_Mapel_Tim_McCord_Redetha_Deason_Sebastian_MunozChristopher_Reiner_Donna_Noelle_Ibale_Oriko_Ikeda.JPG - 229.93 KB

“Poetry Reading, Edgar Allan Poe, Eclectic Performance – That’s The Raven!”

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