The Troubadour Theatre Company Presents “Julius Weezer.” Directed and Adapted by Matt Walker.  Produced by Beth Kennedy and Mike Sulprizio.


Troubies' Two Gentlemen of Chicago


Two Gentlemen of Chicago
presented by the Troubadour Theatre Company under the direction of Matt Walker
@ Falcon Theatre
through April 22


fleetwood macbeth

Near the end of the Troubadour Theater Company’s “Fleetwood Macbeth”, at the Falcon Theatre through August 14th, an uncharacteristically subdued Morgan Rusler (Macbeth) walks to the side of the stage and informs an audience that has been in hysterics for two hours that life is a “tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Having just faithfully delivered one of the most famous speeches in all of Shakespeare, Rusler adds quickly, “and now, back to the play”.

It’s a moment that perfectly captures both the intent and spirit of the “Troubies” – as they seem to be known to everyone – original blend of classic Fleetwood Mac hits with the plot and best-known speeches from “Macbeth”and a slew of comedy sketches that variously reference contemporary politics, pop culture, local businesses, Valley geography, sex, and body parts.

Whenever the production veers too close to authentic Shakespeare, either the four-piece rock band plays another song or the performers go into wacky mode.  Still, though this version is not designed to appeal to purists of the Bard, we never forget that without “Macbeth” there would be no “Fleetwood Macbeth”.

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