"The Boneyard and The Dead Pussy"
A Comedy and A Drama of Cats, Graveyards and Extreme Passions!

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Collaborative Artists Ensemble presents


Written by Carson McCullers
Directed by Steve Jarrard

Opening at The Raven Theatre on Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood for a limited run is Carson McCullers’ play, THE SQUARE ROOT OF WONDERFUL, directed by Steve Jarrard. You may know Southern writer Carson McCullers from her critically acclaimed and wonderful novels THE HEART IS A LONEY HUNTER, and THE MEMBER OF THE WEDDING. Originally performed in 1957 on Broadway, this play by McCullers was a very personal project for her mirroring her own obsessive relationship with her abusive ex-husband, as well as issues surrounding suicide and mother/son relationships.

The Fanatsticks Is A Whimsical Musical Done With Flair!

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In 1960, Tom Jones’ book and lyrics along with Harvey Schmidt’s music came together in an off-Broadway production of “The Fantasticks.”  More than 50 years after its New York debut, you can see it now so colorfully performed at Theatre West here in LA. It's something to relax and get lost in a musical romp of wit, fun and talent!

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Are you looking for a fun and entertaining night out in North Hollywood? Then it’s almost certain you’ll enjoy Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre's production of an original and humorous script by Thomas J. Miscuraca - “The ParaAbnormals." Basically, it’s the story of an amateur paranormal investigative team who literally gets in way over its head.

Macbeth Is Shakespeare ‘Light’ – Done Right!

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Once again small theatre triumphs big! Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group in North Hollywood off Lankershim Blvd. has an immensely fresh (and shortened) production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Storytelling on stage is at its theatrical best when all the technical elements utilized blend together so smoothly that you take for granted that they are there at all. Such is the case with the amazing War Horse, based on a children's novel by Michael Morpurgo in which a young boy Albert (Andrew Veenstra) attempts to groom his foal Joey to adulthood as a farm horse, only to lose him to the ravages of World War I in England and France. Boy gets horse, boy falls in love with horse, boy loses horse, but... If you love animals and understand and respect what transpires deepdown between man and beast, you will love War Horse, as, in spite of the war horrors depicted, love is at the very core and champions above all else. Now in its US tour, War Horse is fortunately with us at the Ahmanson through July 29 only, and this beautiful production must not be missed.

High Energy Rock’N’Roll Nostalgia With Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash

PANTAGES THEATRE - HOLLYWOOD - 1956 was a momentous year for a small record label in Tennessee called Sun Records. History was made and forever remembered in this tiny studio where – for the first and only time – four legends ‘rocked’ together. On 4 December of that year –t he four legends - Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins all converged on the small Sun Records studios in Memphis for some impromptu music making.

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Director Ellen Geer sets the Theatricum Botanicum production of Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure," a play driven by allegations of sexual misconduct and suggestions of sexual hypocrisy, in California in 1968, when sex was low on the list of public concerns. In a year that included two assassinations, the Tet Offensive, police violence at the Chicago Democratic National Convention, the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, and the election of Richard Nixon, who cared much about the transgressions of "fornicators," to borrow a term from the text?

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Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Ernest is a classic of the Victorian Era. The emphasis is on the brilliant dialogue, style and pace throughout. In this production the cast has managed to interpret style and pace for the most part. Ken Campbell, director, clearly understands Oscar Wilde’s wit and the comedy-farce of this play. It has been beautifully mounted in this intimate theater space. The sets and costumes are perfectly executed, evocative of the Victorian era. John Collins (John Worthing) and Christian Prentice (Algernon Moncrieff) set the pace in their opening scene. Their English accents were good and they worked well together. Perhaps a little too anxious at first. But as the play went on they settled in nicely with their style and pace

dames at sea - theatre in north hollywood

The Colony Theatre Company Presents


The Colony Theatre presents its sixth and final production of its fantastic 37th season with the rollicking musical comedy DAMES AT SEA, the delightful parody of the lavish 1930’s musical extravaganzas of director Busby Berkeley. For anyone who enjoys musical comedies, loads of fantastic tap dancing, boundless energy and enthusiasm, song and dance numbers galore, then you will LOVE this wonderful show.

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