Verdigris, Written by Jim Beaver, Directed by Mark W Travis.

Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Boulevard West, Hollywood.

What a fascinating subject to write a play about.

If you are interested in a play about passion wrapped in poetry make a beaten path to the Group Repertory Theatre’s West Coast Premiere of Frawley Becker’s “Tiger By The Tail” at the Lonny Chapman Theatre in the No Ho Arts District running through April 19th.

"The Shadow Box,'' the 1977 Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning dramatic episodic play by Michael Cristofer that addresses mortality, is now being presented by The Vagabond Players Theatre Company in North Hollywood. Three families residing in cottages tucked away in the woods by a lake confront the inevitable last days of their terminally ill loved ones.

It's a hit! "Cabaret," the 1966 Broadway musical sensation and film adaptation that has won Tony's and Oscars respectively is here in North Hollywood. Presented by The Crown City Theatre, Cabaret is a MUST SEE! Come on, it's Cabaret, what else can I say. Okay, I suppose if you are looking for a review you should get more than this so let me accommodate you.


Written by James Goldman
Directed By Stephanie Vlahos

The Lion in Winter by James Goldman is the perfect play to experience if you enjoy Period Plays and Shakespearean Dramas yet find it challenging following the old Shakespearean language. Written in modern English, The Lion in Winter which premiered on Broadway in 1966 is a play depicting the personal and political conflicts of Henry II of England, his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine, their children and their guests during Christmas 1183. It has all the flavoring and trappings of a medieval setting, royal family rivalry and a touch of comedy, magnificently performed by the cast.

Pic 001 Winter One-Hit-Wonderland-2-high-res

The Falcon Theatre and one of the most creative comedy troupes you’ll ever see, the Troubadour Theatre Company, present a wildly modern/classic/musical treat they call “Walkin’ in a Winter One-Hit-Wonderland.” With some of the cleverest one-liners and bits of comedy mixed in with music and dance, you’ll have so much fun that you might actually get asked to be in the show! (Wink, wink – spoilers ahead!)

Ordinary Day 001.jpg - 175.39 KB

“Fantastic Talent, Fantastic Music, Fantastic Message In “Ordinary Days”

“For A Patriotic Boost, Thank You Minerva is The Secret Rose Theatre’s Prescription!”

Pic_001_Jackson_Smith_John_McCool_Bowers_Julia_Shear_Kushner_RachelBerman_Johnatahn_Byran_In_Back_Rachel_Howe.jpg - 225.12 KB

The Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood has a fact-filled musical production called "Thank You Minerva" with book, music and lyrics by Alan Stillson and directed and choreographed by Alissa-Nicole Koblentz. Minerva being a muse, who is daughter of the Roman God’s Jupiter and Juno, is the one who inspires lyricists to compose some of America’s iconic songs as taken from their various periods in time past and present.

Photo_001_Katie_Lynn_Mapel_Tim_McCord_Redetha_Deason_Sebastian_MunozChristopher_Reiner_Donna_Noelle_Ibale_Oriko_Ikeda.JPG - 229.93 KB

“Poetry Reading, Edgar Allan Poe, Eclectic Performance – That’s The Raven!”

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