Adapted by Jayce Johnson - Directed by Sophia Watt - Produced by Ronnie Marmo

Playhouse West is a school as well as a repertory theatre, and has been training actors, writers and directors for the past 30 years. It’s pedigree is fairly impressive with such actors as Steve McQueen, Jeff Goldblum, Diane Keaton and Sandra Bullock passing through its doors.


Mr. MacGuffin (Matthew Tyler) possesses the best pair of legs in the cast of “Scary Musical The Musical,” now having its world premiere at the NoHo Arts Center. We learn this an hour into the production’s first and only act, when MacGuffin, also known as the “gay drama teacher,” morphs into MacGuffin the expert cross-dresser, here clad as a member of the high school drill team. His long thin legs, adorned in fishnet stockings, could make a 5’ 11” supermodel jealous.

“A Musical ‘Treat’, That’s “Presidential Suite!”

Pic 001 - Alex Walters Bradley Thomas Kuykendall

What a concept! Imagine if eight presidents throughout history were pitted on a Las Vegas stage to compete for the MVP Award (Most Valuable President)! Now through their individual personalities and laments, set to music, you have the Sophisticated Rogue Media production of “Presidential Suite” at the Whitmore Lindley Theatre Center in North Hollywood.

“Rumination” Is an Amazing Piece of Performance Art with Music and Dance!”

Mark HeinCenLtoR Anna Laura Singleton Michelle Talley Peggy Flood  Tessa-Jade Richardson Tracey Collins. Btm LtoR C. L. Surniak K. Gault  D. Melody

I love you You're Perfect Now Change

“Absolutely Fun, Funny & A Pure Musical Delight Is “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!”

fool-for-love.png - 286.09 KB

Gritty, raw, sensual, decadent, warm, loving, tragic, these are all the emotions one see’s on stage at the T.U. Theater in North Hollywood when they experience the Sam Shepard classic Fool for Love.

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“Nicely Done, “Doubting Thomason” Is A Play Within A Play”

wald.png - 340.06 KB

Locked inside the Trojan Horse in “Greeks 6-Trojans 5,” an original comedy with music now at the Whitefire Theatre, is every liberal’s fantasy of the ideal army unit. There is a female sergeant, a gruff but understanding commander, and an outrageous gay soldier for whom “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is superfluous.

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“Hollywood Positive” Is Positively Hilarious!”

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