Dems Entertainment Presents “The North Plan.” Written by Jason Wells. Directed by Cary Norman Haze.




“Marital Blissters” a series of three - one act comedies is a laugh insurgence. “Raising Kids It Ain’t Easy”, by Thaine Allison, “Chance Meeting”, by Frederick Stroppel, and “Central Park West” by Woody Allen, are presented by The Vagabond Players Theatre Company at the Sherry Theatre, June 6th through June 28th.

"The Boneyard and The Dead Pussy"
A Comedy and A Drama of Cats, Graveyards and Extreme Passions!

pic 001 dead pussy- meghan cox -inset- lisa jai  collin red.jpg - 68.26 Kb

Sibling rivalry and one-upmanship reach sinister heights when two sisters with diametrically opposed beliefs clash in Colette Freedman's patchy black comedy. The setting is a small East Coast university town. Gretchen (Vanessa Waters), a gay journalist, becomes incensed and decides to publish an editorial damning the anti-gay decrees from the liberal-arts college president. Problem is, this president is her abusive, homophobic older sister, Kate (director Elise Robertson). Gretchen's act of public humiliation ignites an all-out war between the sisters as the pair dredge up recriminations, accusations and even threaten blackmail. Meanwhile Gretchen's cute and sporty young lover, Janna (Jade Sealey), is unaware she might get hit by some shrapnel.

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