The Dysfunctional Family Christmas show now playing at the BrickHouse Theater in NoHo is a hoot! It has silly humor, slapstick action and just the right amount of politically incorrectness to make you smile. Just like the title says, this is about a dysfunctional family gathering at Christmas. What ensues is a circus of over the top silliness mixed with mostly clever jokes, sexual innuendos, and one missing body.

“Dysfunctional Family Christmas” Is A Holiday Treat All Families Should See!”

Pic 001 BK Alex Polyson Rob Schaumann Brian Spengel FR Elyse Ashton Kara  Hume

Located in central North Hollywood, the BrickHouse Theatre has a wonderful treat for the whole family this holiday and it’s called, “Dysfunctional Family Christmas.” Written and directed by the very talented Paul Storiale, it’s the story of a family that discovers that their grandpa is not actually sleeping in his bedroom anymore, but rather he has passed away on Christmas Eve! It is the one Christmas that this entire family of five is getting together for the last time because the house they all grew up in is up for sale and mom and dad are moving out.

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