Falcon Theatre presents a Laugh Then Think, Inc. production of For Piano and Harpo      


Falcon Theatre and Roger Bean Productions present

The Trouble We Come From, Written by Scott Caan, Directed by Matt August

Jason Dechert and Jules Willcox in A or B? at the Falcon Theatre. Photo by Jill Mamey.

It isn’t often that watching good theater hits home and resonates within. It happened opening night at the 130 seat Falcon Theater in Burbank. It is a fun and clever comedy that will make you laugh and sigh. In this production of A or B, written by the immensely talented Ken Levine, the idea of what could have been different if only we made the other choice is beautifully brought to light. Both entertaining to watch and without a doubt very thought provoking for the audience, this two character play is a winner.

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