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Falcon Theatre Presents  


Falcon Theatre presents

In “Class,” now at the Falcon Theatre, Elliot (Gildart Jackson) is a New York-based acting teacher who teaches very little acting. The only practical advice I gleaned from this 95-minute, one-act production was how to breathe properly.


If a trip to the snow queen is on your schedule of things to do this holiday season, then make your way to the Troubadour Theater Company’s production of “The Snow Queen” at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank running through January 18th.

Falcon Theatre PRESENTS
Troubadour Theater Company’s


Directed by Matt Walker

The Troubies are back at The Falcon. The Ovation Award–winning Troubadour Theater Company, that is. This time we are fortunate to have the Troubies trademark talented “silliness” in ABBAMEMNON, directed by Matt Walker, where we are transported into the Greek tragedy world of the “Malibuians” and the sibling rivalry between ABBAMEMNON, King of Malibu (Matt Walker), and Menelaus, ABBAMEMNON’s brother (Jason Turner).

Mindy Sterling and Usman Ally

If a play about present meeting past and love gained and lost sounds interesting then run don’t walk to the West Coast Premiere of “The Last Act of Lilka Kadison” presented by the Falcon Theatre, Abbie Phillips and Jan Kallish in association with the Lookingglass Theatre Company and written by Nicola Behrman, David Kersnar, Abbie Phillips, Heidi Stillman and Andy White running through April 19 in Burbank.

Pic 001 Winter One-Hit-Wonderland-2-high-res

The Falcon Theatre and one of the most creative comedy troupes you’ll ever see, the Troubadour Theatre Company, present a wildly modern/classic/musical treat they call “Walkin’ in a Winter One-Hit-Wonderland.” With some of the cleverest one-liners and bits of comedy mixed in with music and dance, you’ll have so much fun that you might actually get asked to be in the show! (Wink, wink – spoilers ahead!)

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Wrap Your Heart Around It” Is Perfectly Titled – It Will Move You!”

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