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“The Unexpected Man” is a smart, witty and introspective play by Tony Award winning playwright Yasmina Reza and is produced by Corey Todd Jones at the Two Roads Theatre. This theatrical train ride takes its audience on a perspicacity journey into the musing of its two characters.

58 plush theatre seats - capacity expandable to 65

Riley Productions Presents


TRT Michael Robb Cindy Marinangel photo by Richard M. Johnson

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Meet Rick Shaw, the new owner of the Secret Rose Theatre.  He is no stranger to the entertainment world.  Rick began as a stand-up comic and became a comedy writer and producer for TV, radio, other comedians, magazines and live events.  He produced "The Nanny" and wrote numerous other sit-com episodes.

IT’S JUST SEX Written by Jeff Gould Directed by Rick Shaw 

The late British poet Philip Larkin famously located the beginning of sexual intercourse in 1963, "between the end of the 'Chatterly' ban and the Beatles first LP." Judging by the set of Two Roads Theatre production of "It's Just Sex," in the suburbs of Southern California, sexual intercourse began sometime between "Valley of the Dolls" and "Let it Be."

Two Roads Theatre Presents A World Premiere Play


Written by Gregg Ostrin
Directed by Rick Shaw

It’s the summer of 1947 in Cape Cod, (Provincetown, Massachusetts to be exact) when cigarette holders, women wearing Capri pants, Moonlight Serenade playing on the radio, and whiskey flowing like water were common place. Tennessee Williams, with partner Pancho Rodriguez and close friend theater director/producer, Margo Jones, have retreated to his cottage on the Cape for the summer ripe from his huge Broadway success of “The Glass Menagerie”. “Leave your preconceived conception of the characters at the door”, and see the thoroughly enjoyable and outstanding World Premiere presentation of KOWALSKI at the Two Roads Theatre, wonderfully well-written by Gregg Ostrin and marvelously directed by Rick Shaw.

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