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“Life In Boobs, A New Comedic Musical”

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Composer and Musical Director - Rachel Lawrence.  Book and Lyrics - Casey Christensen.  Conceived and Produced by Jennifer Goodman and Casey Christensen, Directed by Casey Christensen. 

What can I say about this incredible production?  It’s a musical, but maybe a little more like a musical review, with skits and profoundly funny and thoughtful moments between the songs.

The whole piece is still in workshop form and yet…it’s polished, superbly performed and just excellent.

I saw the show at Upstairs at Vitello’s in Studio City, which is a great venue, a supper club really, and who doesn’t like cocktails and risotto when watching theatre I ask you?  The show got off to a rollicking start with a big opening number involving all the cast setting up the theme of the evening…boobs.  Since I have a pair of those myself I was instantly onboard with the material, as was everyone in the room. (There were a lot of boobs in the house.)

Of course it’s hilarious and the absolutely amazing performers belted out the brilliant songs with passion and a really perfect amount of sarcasm and irony.  There are songs about breast feeding and grabby men, cancer and sexual harassment and every other boob subject you can imagine. I certainly learned a few new names for my cha cha’s as the evening progressed.  But the best thing about this production was the way every single woman in the room felt included and respected and loved and understood.  And how we were all falling about laughing at ourselves.

It was a love letter to the two best friends a women will ever have, even when we wish they were different…which most of us do if we are honest.  It’s so important to make boobs a topic of our conversations.  It really can save lives, spare us lots of embarrassment and remind us that we all have one slightly bigger than the other and that it’s okay!

I hope they keep workshopping “Life In Boobs” and someone wants to make it into a musical movie  or a huge Broadway show…these songs!!!!

Every actress was a gift.  Their voices were beautiful and the camaraderie was so evident. I didn’t know any of them but I was so proud of them all!!  It’s so funny how women can be so supportive of each other, so enthusiastic about projects that touch them and include them and reflect their lives.  I loved this show…can you tell?

If you ever get a chance to see “Life In Boobs” you must. Keep an eye on their website for more productions and workshops.


Casey Christensen, Sherry Cola, Jennifer Goodman, Sarah Lowe, Sara Montgomery, Lauren Rubin, Lani Shipman, Adriene Visnic, Kayla Page Williams.

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Writer, Filmmaker, Musician. Samantha has Produced over 60 short films and Written and Directed 20. She is the co-creator of 52 Films/52 Weeks and The Cinema Tribe Collective. She has written over 400 LA Theatre reviews and is partners in Xpress Records a Music Publishing Company in the UK.  This year she will be directing her first feature film which she also wrote, developing several others and is writing a children’s book. 

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  • Comment Link Kyla Page Williams Friday, 12 April 2019 11:31 posted by Kyla Page Williams

    Thank you so much for your review! We love performing this show and we honestly do love each other. Such a gift working with these amazing women! So glad you enjoyed it!


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