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Review of "Dr. Zomba’s Ghost Show of Terror"

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"Dr. Zomba’s Ghost Show of Terror" written by David Lucarelli and directed by Kevin Wetmore.

Dr Zomba takes us on a journey through his strange and slightly dodgy world.

He poses as some kind of wacky magician, but really he has a lot more to tell and a lot more to hide.

3.Doctor Zomba and Eargore fight scene lowrez

Once we get past the amusing vaudevillian showmanship, the darkness of Dr Zomba’s agenda is revealed. He has somehow hypnotized the beautiful daughter of his nemesis, Sirena, and ruthlessly enslaved her, incorporating her into his spooky ghost show. His side-kick, Ear-Gore, a limping, hunchbacked, mumbling stooge with an enormous ear is an interesting twist on the traditional and there’s an encounter with a rather adorable vampire, a real vintage throwback version which is excellent. But the show really revolves around returning Sirena to her father and foiling Dr Zomba’s evil plans.

6.Sirena with bloody knifelowrez

This all leads us to the spooky ghost show of terror ending, where the lights are dimmed and the audience is invited to believe what they see with their own eyes as spirits and ghouls and ghost of all kinds dance and fly and phantasm their way around the stage and into the audience.

It’s a classic vintage vaudeville ghost show, the kind of thing that faded out years ago as audiences became more and more sophisticated and harder to fool. It’s actually a lot of fun and at this time of year, it’s perfect midnight viewing.

7.Zomba juggles skullslowrez

It’s also quite kid-friendly if you can keep them up that late, and would be a great family outing honestly!

'Dr Zomba’s Ghost Show of Terror' is only running until November 3rd so if you are longing for some truly vintage scary Halloween fun and are into rare Americana then this is right up your haunted alley!

Running from October 20th, 26th, 27th & November 3rd at Midnight, October 27th at 3pm

The Flight Theatre, The Complex, The Complex, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles


David M. Beach, Kerr Lordygan, Tamara Torres & Richard Da

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