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“It’s Only Lipstick” a one-woman show at the Whitefire Theatre, directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson, written and performed by the incomparable Claudia DiMartino.

“It’s Only Lipstick” - A cautionary tale to follow your dreams…or else based on Claudia DiMartino’s true story.

Claudia,  an artistic, intelligent, good Catholic girl is from a large, colorful, Italian-American Brooklyn family.  She shares how her loving and often off-beat life led to a hospital bed wired up to beeping devices monitoring her heart.

I related to Claudia’s story as it’s that of many women during an openly misogynistic era of corporate America.  Claudia, time over time attempted to prove her worth by getting an education, working long hours, providing quality product and being an asset to her employer, only to find her efforts expected, unappreciated and disrespected.  During her struggles to make a way when there was no way, her creative voice called out to her in vain.

Claudia traveled far and wide, discovering everything from the Parthenon to the Sphinx, but not the happiness she sought which would come from her true creative calling.

Claudia’s story is told with humor and wit as she transitions from character to character with a flawless ease.  Photos and videos appear, timely overhead, capturing the essence of time and place. 

For theatre goers in search of an enthralling evening of  entertainment, put "It’s Only Lipstick" on your list.

Times and tickets for "It's Only Lipstick"

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Dianne Williams

DIANNE WILLIAMS - Playwright, activist, singer, performer, and is a Fringe Festival Award winner for her play The Rise and Fall of My Breasts

A native of Massachusetts, Dianne currently lives in Southern California, where she volunteers and makes substantial time and effort contributions on behalf of humanitarian, social and charitable causes.

As a writer Dianne has completed a novel; “Out of the Dark”, as well as a collection of short stories, and plays. Dianne contributes articles to electronic magazines, and is a theatre critic for NoHo Arts District.

Dianne was a contract singer with Soul Unlimited. She toured as a solo artist performing with her own band throughout Southern California and Asia. As an actress she used her multiple talents performing in dramas and musical theatre. Dianne is developing a musical combining her passions of music and writing.

“I am grateful for every day that I am able to be of benefit to mankind, it is an honor to participate in the world of creativity.”

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