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Thursday, 02 March 2017 14:26

Til’ Death Do Us Part…You First!

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"Til' Death Do Us Part…You First!” at The Whitefire Theatre

One person shows are notoriously difficult to pull off, I can serve as a reluctant witness to several stinkers. So I am always a little wary when one comes up and I tend to brace for disaster. 

However, I was more than a little relieved by “Til’ Death Do Us Part...You First!”  Peter Fogel, clearly a talented stand-up comic, has put together a show about the pain of being single and made it funny - very funny, as the packed opening night crowd can attest. 

A 50s-something man, never married, no kids, gives us an overview of his life while he ponders on how to handle his latest breakup. 

Mr Fogel takes us on a tour of his past relationships, mistakes, regrets and self-discovery, all leading to the realization that he has actually found real love and needs to fight to keep it. 

The twist, and there should always be a twist, is that Fogel is visited by a disembodied voice, guiding him through his mishaps and leading him, sometimes begrudgingly, toward happiness.  That voice is the voice of God or, more accurately, Morgan Freeman.  It’s so interesting how Mr Freeman can lend so much authenticity, proving the existence of God in just a few minutes of dialogue, after thousands of years of doubt.

The play is set on Valentine's Day, and we can all relate to that particularly stressful day, a minefield of potential mistakes and relationship ruin. Mr Fogel has made the kind of screw up that we all fall foul to at one time or another…and his girlfriend dumps him. During the play, intermingled skillfully with Fogel’s amusing monologues, we are treated to film footage of certain relevant moments with his girlfriend, filling in the gaps so to speak.   

Mr Fogel certainly seems at home in front of an audience, playfully improvising with the occasional murmurs of agreement to whatever point he was making.  He entertains us with anecdotes and characters that hold particular importance in his story, skillfully bringing them to life with his obvious gift for mimicry. 

The whole mix has the effect of Mr Fogel successfully navigating us through his tumultuous relationships, both recent and not so while revisiting them for his own clear purpose…to stop being an idiot.  So we go on this ride together, not just spectators but companions.  It adds a lovely intimacy and by the end of the play we are all rooting for him and wishing him well. 

If you enjoy laughing at your own misadventures, tortuous dates and disastrous relationships, or those of others, then “Til' Death Do Us Part…You First!” is probably right up your alley!

There were quite a few times when I recognized myself in Mr Fogels painful moments that's for sure.

I highly recommend “Til' Death Do Us Part…You First!” at The Whitefire Theatre. Keep an eye out for this terrific one-man show, Mr Fogel performs it regularly. 

Visit: "Til’ Death Do Us Part…You First!"

Written by Peter J. Fogel

Directed by Matt Silva


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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer, director, filmmaker and photographer living in North Hollywood. In 2012 she was involved in the unprecedented project 52 Films/52 Weeks: A Year in Filmmaking, where she and her partners, wrote, directed, produced and edited a film a week for an entire year. She currently has several independent projects in development, runs a music video production company as well as a budget conscious photography business for the hard working actor. You can reach her at

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  • Comment Link Linda Blair Thursday, 09 March 2017 01:25 posted by Linda Blair

    Wicked awesome show..we laughed a lot...Internet dating...the good the bad and you wanna do what???

  • Comment Link Bruce Baum Monday, 06 March 2017 23:01 posted by Bruce Baum

    If you enjoy theater, and laughing, and relating, and have a functional mind, you don't want to miss "'Til Death Do Us Part...You First" - It will leave you upbeat and glad you didn't do something else!

  • Comment Link Bob Sunday, 05 March 2017 14:34 posted by Bob

    Funny show! Great laughs! You can identify with Peter. The laughs were rolloing throughout the show. It made you feel how real dating is and trying to find that elusive love. Extremely entertaining.

  • Comment Link Paul Jackson Friday, 03 March 2017 00:40 posted by Paul Jackson

    I agree! It was terrific!!

  • Comment Link Robert Jones Friday, 03 March 2017 00:37 posted by Robert Jones

    Very funny show, really enjoyed it. Made you laugh and think about your own love life!


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