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Winter's Tale at Archway Theatre

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Winter is coming to North Hollywood where Archway Theatre will present “The Winter’s Tale.”  What better way is there for theatre lovers to begin the New Year than with a Shakespearean comedy?  

“The Winter’s Tale” is adapted and directed by Michael Shane Eastman and is a perfect season opener.  

At the beginning of “The Winter’s Tale,” Leontes, King of Sicily, husband to his virtuous pregnant wife Queen Hermione, and father to a playful precocious son Prince Mamillius, are gathered and share joyful banter with Polixenes King of Bohemia, a childhood friend of Leontes.  Leontes is imploring Polixenes to extend his stay in Sicily as his guest.  When he is unsuccessful, Leontes asks his wife Hermione to convince his dear friend to remain.  Hermione is successful where Leontes had failed and Polixenes agrees to remain in Sicily as the guest.  This act of acceptance sparks something in Leontes causing him to become suspicious of his wife and friend.  Leontes deduces that they are involved in an affair, and in an instant, the tide turns.

Leontes becomes mad with jealousy ordering Camillo, one of his Lords, to poison Polixenes.  Hermione swears her innocence but Leontes has her imprisoned for adultery where she gives birth to a daughter, Perdita.  Polixenes escapes to Bohemia with the aid of Camillo.  Mamillius estranged from his mother dies. It was reported to Leontes that Hermione died collapsing upon learning of the death of her son.  Leontes, sick and enraged, arranged to have the infant Perdita removed and abandoned in the woods. 

You may be asking yourself at this point….  Didn’t she say “The Winter’s Tale” is a comedy?  It is!  Really!  No spoiler alerts here.

Sprinkled throughout “The Winter’s Tale” is romance, whimsy, song, dance, music and mirth.  Along the way, we, the audience, are introduced to funny, quirky, laugh-out-loud characters.  Director Michael Shane Eastman and his cast of talented stage actors take us on a remarkable journey into this fantastical fairy tale.  One character, in particular, Autolycus, a mischievous con man with an infectious smile, is able to sing, dance, pick a pocket, and steal our hearts all at the same time. 

This up close and personal production of “The Winter’s Tale” is transportive and exceptionally enjoyable.  With extravagant costuming and cleverly designed sets, the intimacy of the Archway Theatre lends itself perfectly to the simplicity and of theatre.  While honed actors carry the weight of their characters within their souls there is no wonder how this performance could be anything but a crowd pleaser.   

This production's ensemble resulted in an artistic exhale that inebriated its audience who witnessed the manifestation of Director Michael Shane Eastman’s vision. 

Bravo!!!  I loved it.  “The Winter Tale” is perfectly suited for all ages, as well as Shakespearean novices through aficionados.  I know you will enjoy it. 

For tickets go to or call 818 980-7529

Archway Theatre is located at 10509 Burbank Blvd.


Margaret Elizabeth Kelly,

Clare Lahey

Logan Chase

Jesse Durrant

Tyler Rhoades

John Eisen

David D’amico

Erika Godwin

Larose Washington

Calvin Devereaux

Garrick Lewinter

Shea Donovan

Emily Blokker-Dalquist

Matt Bartsch

Bree Wernicke

Christian Blake Splitt

Henry Rhoades


Steven Sabel

Michael Shane Eastman

Sally Schaub

Adam David Green

John Eddings

Sarah Morris

Kate Hart

Sally Schaub

Hillary Weintraub

Shea Donovan

Annie Freeman

Madeleine Heil


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