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Park Plays, Series One: Off The Beaten Path

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Park Plays, Series One: Off The Beaten Path

The Actors Workout Studio presents five original one-acts written by members of the AWS Writer’s Workshop

Written by Roger Gutierrez, Dagney Kerr, Thomas J. Misuraca, Eric Seppala & Paul Surace.

The Actors Workout Studio always produces an interesting mix of shows and, with their latest production, the mix is actually in the phenomenal selection of one acts plays. The plays are performed by members of the theatre company and written by members of the writers workshop program at the theatre.

The setting is a park bench and each play is based around it. I can only imagine how much fun this must have ben as a writing project…everything must happen in a park, around this bench…so many possibilities!

The plays range from a mother and her daughter discussing imminent divorce while getting advice from a man flying an imaginary kite, to the rantings of a nervous yet thoroughly hilarious ice cream buying lady, as well as two best friends eager to get to the strip club before their coupon runs out.

The plays are funny of course, but they are also thought provoking, touching and inclusive. They showcase the talents of these very fine actors with the simplest of formats and the nuance of much longer and more detailed plays. All the plays are quite different but the common thread of the park setting keeps a lovely balance to the themes.

I’m never disappointed with the commitment of the performers and the quality of the writing at The Actors Workout Studio, and I am happy to report that ‘Park Plays’ is just as excellent as everything else I have seen there.

I always enjoy short plays, they are such a refreshing change from the long form, and just because something is more compact doesn’t mean it has any less of an impact. When a play is well written and brilliantly performed, 10 minutes can feel like 50, and in a good way!

Park Plays has taken the short play genre and some really wonderful actors and created a lovely beginning to what I hope will become an extended series for them.

I highly recommend Park Plays at The Actors Workout Studio. 4735 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 91602. 

The show runs on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm from June 10th through July 2nd.

Josue Aguirre, Roger Gutierrez, Julia Henning, Dagney Kerr, Bert Matias, Carlene Olson, Nicole Rochell, Kirk Ryde, Caroline J. Smith and Greg Yoder.

Production Crew
Executive Produced by Fran Montano, Produced by Stacy Ann Raposa. Directed by Conrad Dunn and Stacy Ann Raposa.


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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
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