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The Human Test Subject - Comedy Improv

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The Human Test Subject - 
Comedy Improv

Improv, for the most part, is by far my favorite form of entertainment. So I am always slightly trepidatious when I go to see a new troop that I will have seen or experienced it all before, so to speak.

Yet these fine improv actors, these ‘human test subjects’ (the name came from the original members' paychecks from a UCLA study on the effect of comedy on mental illness) gave me no concern whatsoever in that regard.

This group of phenomenally talented female actors have a a special quirk, they have all, at one time or another, lived with mental illness. Some still do in fact. This truly makes their performances all the more remarkable and all the more hilarious.

Using their talents in humor to push through their very real problems while sharing their unique insights on the ‘crazy’ world around us gives them a rather special perspective, if not an actual and distinct advantage in the field of improvised comedy.

The games are for the most part the usual improv games, all wonderfully played, with especially inventive characters. They do however have a little stand up in their set, and even a comical song, both really, really good. There was also a brilliant game I hadn’t seen before involving the borrowing of a couple of cell phones from the audience. Two of the actors would read aloud from the personal texts from each of the phones while a third had to improvise around them - brilliant! Although I’m rather glad they didn’t borrow my phone…oh the horror!!

Improv is a really great way to highlight the all-too-common problem of mental illness, while reminding us that we can all relate to the kind of difficulties these ladies cope with. More power to them for sharing their stories and making us laugh along with them.

But if you put all that information aside, and just go along to see some improv, then you certainly will not be disappointed. They are as brilliant, inventive and well balanced as group of comedy improv actors as I have ever seen.

Of course no two shows will be alike, but the setting is gorgeous, the cocktails divine, and the audience I was in was fully involved and completely entertained I can tell you!!

I can highly recommend "The Human Test Subjects" performing at The Three Clubs Lounge in Hollywood as part of the Hollywood Fringe…

Performances will be held at the Three Clubs lounge @ 1123 N Vine St. All tickets are $10 except preview.


Fri Jun 3 @ 5:45pm (Pay What You Can!)
Mon Jun 13 @ 5:45pm
Sat Jun 18 @ 8:45pm
Tue Jun 21 @ 9:45pm
Thurs Jun 23 @ 9:45pm

Stepy Kamei
Charmee Taylor
Emily Decke
Susan Rimel
Laila Shaker
Stepy Kamei
Susan Rimel
Laura Zenoni
Izzy Francke
Charmee Taylor
Emily Decker
Brittany McClintick
Laila Shaker

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