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Theatre review - Demonic Housewives

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Theatre review - Demonic Housewives

Written by Thomas J Misuraca
Directed by Sebastian Munoz

Well, I have just spent a truly delightful hour or so at the Archway Theatre, in the company of the wonderful cast and crew of the very latest from Force of Nature Productions…’Demonic Housewives.’

The tale is set in Hobsville, USA, a small town with a big secret. A coven of witches has secretly taken over the town, usurping everyone in a position of power, or destroying them. Most are oblivious to the malevolent maneuvering of the maleficent mavens….until, that is, they destroy a good witch who tries to stop them, whose niece comes to take care of her estate and discovers that her aunt was much more than she ever imagined.


The niece, Darcy, brings her friend with her to help and together they begin to unravel the terrible secrets of the town of Hobsville. After Darcy’s dead witchy aunt Wanda appears to her from beyond the grave, Darcy begins to realize that her aunt’s gifts may be genetic, as she learns she may too be a powerful witch.

So it’s ‘The Witches of Eastwick' meets, ‘Clueless’, but with songs, the hapless Church Ladies group bursts into song every now and then, hilariously rebooting some timeless classic hymns.

This is a brilliantly funny play. I honestly had no idea what to expect, although my last experience with Sebastian Munoz, the delightful director, was pretty spectacular…

But I have to say that they pull off the whole campy, scary good triumphs over evil power hungry witches brilliantly! Everyone is excellent, and I do mean everyone. There is quite a bit of special effects and sound cues and wonderful lighting stuff and to make that work with quite a large cast in quite a tight space you really have to be on your game, so hats off to everyone in those departments!

And the actors! Well how can I single anyone out? It’s impossible, to be honest. Everyone was so utterly perfect, so completely ‘in’ their characters it was a thrill to watch. They were all clearly having a ball, the characters are so full and bold and comically real they really held the story together wonderfully.


There is a lot going on with this play and honestly it could have easily seemed like there was far too much going on, but Mr Munoz manages the pacing and the story and the slow build of hysteria so well, it’s really a joy to watch.

‘Demonic Housewives’ is only running for a short time, sadly, so please rush out and get your tickets as soon as you can, you wont be disappointed, I promise!

I highly recommend ‘Demonic Housewives’ at The Archway Theatre, 10509 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, 91601!second-stage/c86m

The play runs form April 14th through May 1st, Thursday at 8pm and Sunday at 7pm.

Featuring the Talents of

Jennifer Novak Chun
Redetha Deason
Beth Fisher
Lara Fisher
Suzie Heaton
Monet Hendricks
Aubry Manning
Caitlin McCormick
Lee Quarrie
Elif Sava
Anne Westcott

Assistant Director - Angelia Weitzman
Stage Manager - Jahel Corban Caldera
Music Consultant - Jennifer Novak Chun
Original Songs - Suzie Heaton

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