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Theatre Review Sex & Love in the Modern Age @ ZJU

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NoHo Theatre Review - Sex & Love in the Modern Age

Sketches & Writings by John Santo
Additional Writings by Sebastian Munoz & Entire Cast

This is my first time at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre, and I must admit to being a little trepidatious. I have heard so much about the risque performances, the nudity and the sexual content that I had no idea of what to expect, other than, in my extreme Englishness, to be a bit embarrassed.

Boy was I unprepared for ‘Sex & Love in the Modern Age’…

This play, really more of a sketch show, is so much more than shocking…it is, at least for me, revelatory, challenging and ultimately one of the most completely honest representations of what it is like to be a sexually active and an actively loving human being in this world.

These open and fearless actors do something quite remarkable with the material they are given. They transform simple words into riveting performances and unforgettable moments of deep connectivity that defy explanation.

Sex Love in the Modern Age zju 2

I found myself laughing one moment and then weeping the next. The emotional commitment from everyone on stage demanded that every member of the audience give as much energy as we were receiving. And that exchange of trust and truth is what made the show a success.

It’s easy enough to be rude, to be vulgar or even provocative, but it’s very, very difficult to be all of those things and to also have grace, compassion and a wild kind of gentleness. These actors absolutely have all of these qualities. And the sketches, about everything from online hookups to BSDM to giving the ‘safe sex’ talk to your gay teenage boy are equally matched to their phenomenal abilities.

The show is only an hour in length, with no intermission, and the atmosphere is charged enough with only that amount of time, I can hardly imagine what would happen if it were a minute longer. Spontaneous audience combustion perhaps???

All joking aside this a really excellent show, full of surprise and elegance along with the bawdy and the profane.

I absolutely loved it!!

I congratulate both the writers and the performers on managing to move me so much in such hugely creative and inspiring ways. Some of these sketches were poetic, some almost performance art, and some bloody shakespearean in raunch and heart.

Sex Love in the Modern Age zju 3

I thoroughly and highly recommend ‘Sex & Love in the Modern Age’. Go and support these brave and truly gifted performers and have an experience you will never forget. I actually thanked the writer after the show…it is that good.

Sex & Love in the Modern Age, at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre runs form March 4th to March 26th on Fridays & Saturdays at 8:30 pm

4050 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood.
818 - 202- 4120 

Nicole A Craig
Jennifer Novak Chun
David Wyn Harris
Ian Heath
Lee Quarrie
John Santo
Jacquie Waldman
Roger K Weiss
Callie Williams
Julian Zambrano

Assistant Director - Angelia Weitzman
ZJU Webmaster & PR manager Randy “Kernel” Long
Director & Tech Guru - Sebastian Munoz
Produced by Zombie Joe


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