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Review - PILLARS OF NEW YORK @ The Brickhouse Theatre

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L-R: Eloise Coopersmith, Suzan Solomon, Michael Cortez (back), Marza Warsinske (back), Wayne Moore, Elizabeth Sekora, Gary Mortimer (back), Julian Goza, Bobby McGlynn. L-R: Eloise Coopersmith, Suzan Solomon, Michael Cortez (back), Marza Warsinske (back), Wayne Moore, Elizabeth Sekora, Gary Mortimer (back), Julian Goza, Bobby McGlynn.


What were you doing September 11th, 2001? I remember exactly what I was doing that morning, the days before, and the days following.

PILLARS OF NEW YORK is an original musical production presented by Write Act Repertory at The Brickhouse Theatre. It's an authentic chronicling of a group of New Yorkers' daily lives that were altered by the events of September 11.

“Pillars of New York” is smart, witty, bold and relatable.

Unmasked are struggles of a Therapist/Writer and his associate along with four couples. A mother's shame over her son's homosexuality, marriages that undergo infidelity, a woman's inferiority complex and revenge, impact of a pregnancy, career goals, lies and deceit take a toll on their lives, their everyday lives.

I was hooked from the beginning by engaging characters, music and song. I found myself laughing as Therapist/Writer Jake, Wayne Moore, was fumbling to describe himself and fell prey to his sassy associate Wendy’s, Elizabeth Sekora, hilarious snarky barbs. It was then that I realized that this musical was not going to be an unremittingly grim piece.

Relationships are examined, choices are presented, songs are sung and lives continue while we, the audience, are aware that at some point the characters will face a horrific, life-altering event. This is brilliance of Pillars of New York. Poised and ready I watched with bated breath to discover how they would make out.

This cast gave consummate performances. Eloise Coopersmith radiated warmth as Harley, Michael Cortez was perfect as the distant husband and philanderer, Molly Gilman was sweet and sincere as Carrie, Julian Goza was honest as the doting gay son, Bobby McGlynn was poignant as the tortured soul, Wayne Moore hit all the right notes as Jake, Gary Mortimer was understated and elegant as Victor, Elizabeth Sekora was hilarious, confused and perky as Wendy, Suzan Soloman was a perfect NY Mom, and Rachel as Marza Warsinske was unforgettable as Bianca.

Noteworthy are the vocals.

These talented troubadours delivered each song beautifully giving strong emotional context to the story. I loved the music, and relating as a mother to Rachel's solo.

September 11the continues to be a sensitive subject. The choice to develop a piece that speaks to a collective, sacred event is to be handled with decorum and finesse. Writer/composer Michael Antin has successfully provided a theatrical experience worthy of our time and attention.

Jim Blanchette is a master!! He is brilliant! Need I say more? Probably not but I will. Jim turned an intimate theatre stage into multiple New York locations, maintained a fast, high-energy pace, and interpreted Pillars of New York with a velvet glove.

I enjoyed Pillars of New York. It is wonderfully performed. The stories mirror our everyday lives, and giving pause to the adage. Tomorrow is not promised.

Pillars of New York

Dates of Show: January 23 - February 21
Show Times: Friday and Saturday at 7:30PM, Sunday at 1:30PM


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