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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 12:15


Written by Gerie Rhosen
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Last evening I had the most delightful and unexpected experience at the Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks. At the opening of their 16th year, the cast of Santasia:A Holiday Comedy tore the house apart. It is a mash up of holiday cheer and humor drizzled with warmth and memories.

Part musical, part silly, part inspired, this show is wonderful fun for the entire family. An unforgettable comedy-musical spoof of Christmas memories.

Jollyfellas Richard Lee Warren Rusty Locke Shaun Loeser Brandon Loeser photo Michael Duisenberg

If you haven’t seen it before, as was my case, it definitely surprises the senses. The audience gets drawn into multiple skits that highlight the Christmas spirit with laughter and cheer. Thankfully, it is all done in such a great lively and unexpected way, everyone gets involved in the action. Enjoy the music, humor, and especially the heartfelt songs that bring up old memories of the holidays. Hopefully, this review will not give too much away; I think you should witness this one without any per-conceived ideas. It is honestly much different than any production I have seen before.

The perfectly matched casts of six grown men prance, dance, and sing through all the very clever skits. For instance, three wise men in competition for gifts for the baby Jesus; or the usual dysfunctional family Christmas dinner including real devil egg appetizers eaten on stage. And of course all Christmas stories have to include elves. Only this one involves modern day political correctness as a theme. In-between the skits and above the stage is a giant screen that introduces us to several parodies of old movies and ads with its wonderful animated claymation. A few standouts such as “Pulp Christmas", and 'Brokeback Igloo", makes us roar. Thrown into the mix are sentimental holiday stories by each cast member. Some of the other highlights include a story about a little girl and her easy bake oven. It taps beautifully into our memories of Santa and our must have or die wishes. Part of the fun is the audience involvement as well. Go ahead, sing, yell, and laugh at the outrageous pratt falls and musical numbers in holiday drag.

My favorite is the cast scantily clad in 2 piece showgirl outfits gyrating to a retro tune of “I’m a beautiful girl”. It is a hoot!

Full Monty Andrew J. Hillis Lon Gowan Richard Lee Warren Brandon Loeser Rusty Locke photo Michael Duisenberg

The Santasia performers are a mix of actors, comedians and writers, with well over 25 years combined experience in film, television and stage.

Originally started in a small theater in North Hollywood, this show has blossomed into a full stage production full of penguins, snow, Christmas lights and sledding. These skits tickle the senses. This holiday delight was created by and stars two very talented brothers, Brandon and Shaun Loeser. Also contributing to this vivacious show are: James Elden, Lon Gowan, Chey Kennedy, Rusty Locke, and Richard Lee Warren. It is an ensemble of very smart and creative performers. Behind the scenes Shaun is the director, set designer, and co-writes the show with his brother and some of the cast. They are also the producers of the show. A special nod to the choreographer of this show, Tania Pearson-Loeser. This show is so good that it can be compared to the variety shows of yesterday such as; Carol Burnett or the Kids in the Hall. It is definitely more than 2 hours of silliness, it is clever, funny, and overall extremely entertaining.

Santasia is not just a winner for the Whitefire Theater, it is a winner for the audience as well. Bryan Rasmussen, the artistic director for the Whitefire is so wise to stage this production there. Too bad these actors can’t get together in summertime and do something just as outrageous and fun. After all, laughter and parody are very much needed at all times of the year. The staging is perfect. Set with many multicolored Christmas trees, a fireplace, and the front of a snow covered home, it feels like the holidays.

Hopefully there are tickets still available.

Whitefire Theater, Sherman Oaks,CA 91423., playing through December 26, 2015.

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