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URBAN DEATH Tour of Terror Haunted Theatre Attraction

Written by Jake Sampson
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URBAN DEATH Tour of Terror Haunted Theatre Attraction Photo Credit: Marti Matulis

Halloween, All-Hallows-Eve, Allhalloween, All-Saints-Eve, whatever your preference, is just around the corner, and so horror is thick in the air as people begin to discuss what to dress as.

Some going as a ‘sexy’ ghost others Ironman, frankly there’s no costume I’ve seen that could match the horrors I witnessed in Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre.


The URBAN DEATH Tour of Terror Haunted Theatre Attraction was a terrifying, mind-altering delight; the seemingly unassuming entrance was where we gathered before we were allowed in TWO at a time, into one of the most intense horror mazes I’ve faced to date. My partner and I clung to each other for fear of being dragged away by one of Zombie Joe’s exceedingly talented performers. The setting, the lighting and the dim flashlights we were given all expertly arranged to create an immersive experience. Once through the terrifying maze, we were sat in an ominous dark room and awaited an excellent theater horror-showcase performance. The creature’s designed and the ambience set was, honestly, breathtaking; we saw a vast range of monsters, some more conventional than others.

Using fantastic makeup, trick lighting or even the darkness around us Zombie Joe and his troupe painted horror incarnate.

I particularly enjoyed the pushing of boundaries that the performance offered, the originality humbled with the influences of all your horror favorites, satisfied and tempted my curiosity all at once.

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre has been hosting these URBAN DEATH show for over ten years, and it shows. Z.J (I’m going to call Zombie Joe ZJ for short) has taken that experience and crafted a real hidden treat within NoHo. I’d tell you more, but I’d ruin the haunting surprises.

You can catch the URBAN DEATH Tour of Terror Haunted Theatre Attraction show Friday and Saturday evenings starting on the hour:
8pm,9pm,10pm, 11pm,12pm through to October 31st.

Created and directed by Zombie Joe and Jana Wimer.

Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group, 4850 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601. TICKETS>>

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