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Thursday, 06 August 2015 01:59

Punch Drunk @ Whitmore Lindley Theatre

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Defiance Theatre Company is new to the NoHo Arts District. Having created several hits independently, the members of this company are in good hands with Artistic Director Paul Storiale. The first show from Defiance is “Punch Drunk” written and directed by Hunter Canedy.

As you walk into the theatre, you arrive at an 80’s single mixer, a party organized on craigslist for Los Angeles friend-less twenty somethings.

Suddenly the lights go down and so did all the party goers. The punch was spiked and a mysterious man (Conner Dechaves) is pulling the bodies out one by one.

Gabe and Sophie, who survived the punch-pocolypse, attempt to put together clues to piece the puzzle together: Who is responsible for this?!
Through several flashbacks of the party, we meet characters who may or may not be the reason everyone fell to their fate.


On Saturday, Miranda Wynne and Parker Wilmoth shined as Gabe and Sophie (roles are played by Steven Jones and Blu Hunt on Fridays). Ryan Ransom plays charming creep Caleb, Brooke Culbertson is Ninja like Anna, and Tim Peck plays cult leader Julian with cool tempered ease. J.D. Brown is a wonderful Hayes treating Julian like an ignored son, but it was Sarah Jessica Bennett and Quinn Gasaway who stopped the show with her cult follower creepiness and his conversational humor.

This is a highly entertaining, fast and fun comedy of mystery and laughs. We recommend it, especially if you like 80’s theme parties.

Whitmore Lindley Theatre
Friday's and Saturday's in August at 8:00pm
1hr. 30 min No Intermission (It may benefit from one, though)


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