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“Adam & Eve and Steve @ NoHo Arts Center Theatre 68

Written by Dianne Williams
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A Five Star Hit! “Adam & Eve and Steve” is a controversial musical farce with book and lyrics by the immensely talented Chandler Warren. This world premiere won a DOMA award for best new musical at the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival. This production is presented by Scott E. Lambert & My Productions at Theatre 68 - NoHo Arts Center.

Warren’s irreverent musical farce is snarky, gay, zany, outrageous, relevant and extremely funny.

Contemporary references pooled with the biblical story of Adam and Eve is a perfect recipe for a tasty dish of fun entertainment.

When the Devil meddles in God’s plan for Adam to meet, mate and procreate with Eve, all heck breaks loose. Lonely Adam was promised an Eve by God. Before Eve is born, the mischievous Devil changed a chromosome from X to Y and Eve became Yves (his name was later changed to Steve). Adam and Steve, having much in common, got along marvelously! Ultimately God sent Eve, who is ready to consummate God’s directive! Confused and conflicted Adam finds it challenging to choose between his bromance with Steve and his newly developing relationship with Eve. The threesome, Adam & Eve and Steve, become entangled. While struggling to unwind, they discover that love can manifest in many and varied ways.

Wow, this is a superb cast. Beginning with devilishly charming Beelzebub “The Devil” (Weston Nathanson) who opens the show with sparkle and charisma, an attribute the best snake oil salesman aspire to. Performing “It’s all about me” he reels in the audience and puts them in his pocket with his likeability. A consummate song and dance troubadour with appealing warmth, this little devil is played flawlessly.

Weston Nathanson is the devil you love.

Confused, adorable, and naïve Adam (Michael Spaziani) sings, dances, plays and pouts. Adam is so every guy. It’s no wonder Eve and Steve fight over him. He’s like a cute loveable pup that everybody wants who is torn between two loving masters fighting for his affection. Michael plays Adam’s conflict with humorous honestly.

With all the panache and spirit of a Gay Pride Parade Steve (Jotape Lockwood) explodes on stage unabashedly gay. Hysterically clever, stereotypical clichés saturate Steve’s every sound and movement. Jotape is a scrumptious, irresistibly talented performer, who is relatable on every level. Jotape is a gem.

Eve (Kelly Dorney) is a frickin’ rock star! Innocently and sweetly Kelly sings like a Disney Princess. Once Eve eats an apple from the tree of life and gains knowledge she morphs into a sensual, independent, strong woman fighting to get what she wants. Kelly provides electrifying performances with range and attitude.

God’s (William Knight) voice resonates robust wise and human as an entity.

God reveals himself in a mortal form. Reminiscent of great vaudeville teams, God and Devil perform a song and soft shoe duet that brings the house down with applause. William is a consummate performer. When he’s on stage it is impossible to take your eyes off of him.

Director, Ronnie Marmo is a magician!! Transforming a sparse set, and using only a keyboard for musical accompaniment, “Adam & Eve and Steve” is made to come vibrantly alive. Brilliantly executed, perfectly timed, and wonderfully entertaining from the opening through the final bow. Mr. Marmo is masterful.

Noteworthy is Executive Producer Scott E. Lambert who brought this talented team together. Thank you.

In order to provide an honest review, I am compelled to point out a small problem. The audience laughter can be infectious and deafening. You’ve been warned.

This is what original theatre is all about. This is why we attend independent theatre! This is all that one can hope for when going to see an original piece. Discover Adam & Eve and Steve. Be one of the first to say you saw it before it became the mega hit it is destined to be.


Get your tickets now: www.theatre68.com

July 10th – August 30th
Thursday – Saturday: 8 pm Sunday: 7 pm

Noho Arts Center at Theatre 68
11136 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Tickets: $30 https://www.plays411.net/newsite/show/play_info.asp?show_id=4331

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  • Comment Link zoe ziegler Saturday, 23 September 2017 21:18 posted by zoe ziegler

    adam and eve don't have fucking belly buttons bc they weren't bor. Jesus people need to respect our lord and creator more praise the lord


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