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Theatre Review The Trouble We Come From @ The Falcon Theatre

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Scott Caan   The Trouble We Come From @ The Falcon Theatre Scott Caan The Trouble We Come From @ The Falcon Theatre

The Trouble We Come From, Written by Scott Caan, Directed by Matt August

The Falcon Theatre never disappoints.

This new play, written by and co-starring Scott Caan, is no exception to this rule.

The Trouble We Come From is funny in the way that harsh reality exquisitely observed can onlr be. This play, about two best friends, one a playwright and one an actor, resonates with so much ‘real’ I laughed and cringed and nodded in remembrance and agreement the whole way through.

Scott Caan is hilarious and brilliant in the role of Vince, the actor. Heartfelt and straight talking, he is the best friend of Charlie, the playwright, played by the sublime Michael Weston. What could have been a simple and obvious relationship between two friends was anything but that. These two wonderful actors give us honest and intricate performances, full of pathos and humor and the kind of intimacy we only have with people who have seen us at our best and worst.

While Charlie struggles with the possibility of settling into a life with one women and a baby on the way and whether or not he can live up to the responsibilities of real adulthood, he and Vince deal with the seemingly mystical resurfacing of Charlie’s strange, dangerous and overly romanticized ex girlfriends. Panic and self doubt quickly set in as the fear of making wrong choices puts Charlie's future in peril.

This is a romantic comedy, but to me the romance comes from the relationship between these two best friends, as in the rat pack movies of old.

Scott Caan plays his Vince role with such believability that it feels as if he wrote this play just for himself and Michael Weston, as an homage to the best kinds of real friendship. In truth I don't know if they are close friends at all, but the chemistry between them seemed strong, genuine and true.

Teri Reeves plays all four of Charlie’s colorful ex girlfriends, and an amazing job she does too, with characters ranging from homicidely sexual to gentle and heartbroken, she metamorphosed transcendentally.

Charlies’s pregnant girlfriend Shelly is played with sweetness and strength by Claire van der Boom, who shows us perfectly what Charlie is so afraid of messing up.

If you enjoy quick witted honest portrayals of this crazy life, with a nod to the situation comedies of the fifties and sixties, but with much, much bluer language, then you will adore this play.

It’s Doris Day and Rock Hudson, it’s Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, but with two straight guys just trying to figure things out in one night of sleepless chaos.

In short, I bloody loved it.

Run, don't walk to get your tickets to this classic Hollywood romcom, another brilliant debut at The Falcon Theatre.

The Show runs from June 12 to June 28

Thur . & Fri. at 8pm; Sat. at 4pm & 8pm; Sun. at 7pm

The Falcon Theatre
4252 Riverside Drive, Burbank, 91505
(818) 955-8101

Scott Caan - Vince
Michael Weston - Charlie
Terin Reeves - Joanna/Samantha/The Blond/Kelly
Claire Van Der Boom - Shelly

Matt August - Director
Stephen Gifford - Set Design
Kate Poppen - Costume Design
Luke Mayer - Lighting Design
Robert A Ramirez - Sound Design
John McElveney - Prop Design
Dale Alan Cooke - Stage Manager

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